PUBG Mobile Recruitment: Find New Teammates

Are you a lone wolf looking for squads to kill? Or are you just unable to find a teammate when playing PUBG Mobile? Fret not, there’s recruitment to find new teammates. Although the best experience comes in playing PUBG Mobile with your already friends, many have found friends by playing with unknown players as well. After all, it’s Player Unknown’s battleground, right? Okay, let’s get on how to submit your application to the PUBG Mobile Recruitment: find new teammates.

Here’s a tweet from the PUBG Mobile Official handle shared a couple hours ago.

PUBG MOBILE Recruitment is on! Share your PUBG MOBILE Resume and meet new teammates! #PUBGMResume— PUBG MOBILE (@PUBGMOBILE) May 2, 2019

This one pretty looks formal, doesn’t it?

In case you didn’t notice…

There’s a feature called auto-matching. Whenever you play duo or squad mode, this option is ticked by default and that’s how you got your unknown teammates. You will be matched with other players who enter alone in duo or squad modes, just like you. However, if you don’t want to team up with strangers, you can uncheck this option at the lobby before you start the game. That’s how you can enter alone in duo or squad modes. Other teams will enter in 2 or 4s while you will be alone.

PUBG Mobile Recruitment

PUBG Mobile Recruitment for Teammates?

Yes they do. This recruitment is not for a job at PUBG Mobile developer team. Let’s not confuse with a career or job offer here. You can recruit teammates or be recruited. This option is available in the lobby near the chat button. You will find the option “world”. Just click that and you will get recruited by some unknown team. It’s fun to play.

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PUBG Mobile Season 6 Brings many features. However, there seems the be glitches that needed taken care of. We believe that the glitches will be fixed by Tencent gaming soon and we can enjoy the game even better.

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