PUBG Mobile New Feature Ledge grab Update 0.15.0

PUBG Mobile New Feature Ledge grab Update 0.15.0 1

PUBG Mobile gamers, If you were always struggling to get to the roofs, maybe you saw a perfect spot on the roof for sniping your enemies, but unfortunately you couldn’t reach it, because simply it is not allowed in PUBG Mobile, or sometimes , the air-drop you’ve been chasing and following landed on a roof so you cannot get your loot and u wasted your time for nothing, all this problems are solved now, because in the latest update 0.15.0, Tencent  added the” ledge grab” feature to PUBG Mobile and many other features.

How will the Ledge Grab allow you to reach new spots, and attack from new angles?

-this new feature will allow you to jump from a crate to another even if the distance between them is somehow big, all you have to do is make sure that your player can reach at least the edge, so he will grab the ledge by his hands and put himself app.

-you will be able to move much faster and will also This put an end to the irritating moment of accidentally falling off the crates at Georgopol and Novorepnoye.

-Another great point about this feature is that : now you do not have to measure your jump perfectly, because when someone is shooting at you and u trying move quickly to avoid his shots and shoot him back your jump won’t be accurate, but thanks to the ledge grab u will move successfully and get to the roof you jumped to .

PUBG Mobile 0.15.0 update is going to be a huge one with a lot of exciting things like : the playload mode, BRDM vehicle, helicopters,grenade launchers  and more.



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