PUBG Mobile latest Update 0.15.0 october 2019

PUBG Mobile latest Update 0.15.0  october 2019 1

For all you PUBG Mobile players out there, I have good news for you, another PUBG Mobile Update is out and it is a stunning one, with many fantastic new features and play modes like ledge grabbing and a lot more.

This update was released only few days ago, and I will be showing you all the changes and new exciting things about this update, so let’s dive into our topic:

PUBG Mobile New Play mode

Now we have the  new play load mode available in the arcade mode, you can play this mode in squads and right now it is only available in third person view.

There are many changes, now you have helicopters RPGs, and there is also a new pistol, which is desert eagle.

In this new PUBG Mobile mode, if your teammate is dead and you couldn’t revive him, you can get the player’s ID and then go to the respawn towers and from there you can recall your squad member.

Instead of the drops in the old PUBG Mobile updates, now you have “Super Plates”, they are marked in the map of course; in these plates you can find some new interesting special weapons like RPGs, grenade launchers and more.

Aside from this new mode, there are a lot of new interesting Features and changes

More PUBG Mobile Features

PUBG Mobile latest Update 0.15.0  october 2019 2


This  update came with a lot of other changes for example:

Now you can blow up the gas can, also there is a new an all-terrain vehicle, which you can drive anywhere, in the mountains and tough hills, and also in water, yes you read it right, you can drive it in water, and the best change in PUBG Mobile for me is: the ability of climbing to the roof of the buildings and crates now which was quite impossible in previous  updates.





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