PUBG Mobile How To Spot HACKERS 3 best Signs

PUBG Mobile How To Spot HACKERS 3 best Signs 5

Hackers, they are in every video game ever created, and PUBG is no exception, they are the type of people that can’t really get to the top, so instead of practicing they cheat!

So I guess all of you PUBG Mobile players out there hate hackers, because not only they make the game unfair, when they are in your team, they make the battle kind of boring too,  and the only thing we can do against those hackers is to report them, even if they are in your team, because Tencent said : if you are caught teaming with a cheater you can be banned too, I wanted to make this article to explain how to spot a hacker in PUBG Mobile.

1-always succesfull shooting:

watch closely to see how consistently they can hit super difficult shots, if you have a teammate and hi has an automatic weapon and he can hit every single shot even if it is super difficult, he is probably a classic Aim Bot hacker.

2- Always knowing where to go:

if you have a teammate that seems to always know where to go, and he goes directly to the specific place where your enemies are hiding even in the maps where it is extremely hard to know other’s location like the close quarters areas, well he is  a cheater.

3- random shooting:

if a player is randomly shooting in PUBG Mobile, and it seems that 90% of the time he is right.

for example you are in a place and it is quite impossible to notice other enemies, and you find a player that change directions to shoot at the enemies very quickly, like he shoots one way and after 1 second he changes where he is aiming and shoots again, that is not normal PUBG behavior, this guy could be a cheater too

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