PUBG Mobile Glitches in the New Update

PUBG Mobile Glitches

PUBG Mobile continues to maintain its popularity and keep players engaged with it’s new features every update. But the PUBG Mobile glitches are rather disappointing. And it seems the the latest PUBG Mobile Update version 0.12.0 seems to bring in more glitches than before. We love PUBG Mobile as much as you do, but sometimes it’s necessary to also address certain drawbacks for the purpose of giving a positive feedback so that these issues are addressed in the coming updates.

What are the new PUBG Mobile Glitches in Update 0.12.0?

For one, the plane just disappeared and player’s fall from nowhere! This is a nightmare indeed. See the screenshot shared by players on twitter.

PUBG Mobile Glitch - Plane disappearing
Plane disappears in PUBG Mobile glitch

This comes a little frustrating as it may have been an issue with graphics optimisation. The game is a whooping 2.5GB size on iPhones and iPad, and the new update alone is about 475MB on Android devices. Although a plethora of new features and optimisations along with many bug fixes were included in the latest version 0.12.0, these new glitches are experience by various players.

PUBG Mobile Notice this Glitch and Promise a Fix very Soon

On the bright side, PUBG Mobile Team does notice this glitch and they are investigating it. They also stated that they will release this fix as soon as possible. That’s some good news for PUBG Mobile gamers. Here’s the tweet.

PUBG Mobile is one of the most popular game played by Mobile Gamers worldwide. Despite the introduction of new paid membership, the number of players and PUBG Mobile Download seems to be ever increasing. It is understandable that there are glitches, bugs that needs fixing. But we all know that it’s frustrating to face them. We firmly believe that the developers will find out the bugs at the earliest so that we all can enjoy a lag-free entertainment once again.

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