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If you Play PUBG Mobile you know what is UC. It stands for Uknown cash which is the in-game currency of PUBG   Mobileand is used for all in-app purchases. One can buy it from play store and it costs about 2$ for 60 UC which is the lowest purchase option. Even though it is not necessary to spend money in order to play the game, many players still prefer to buy UC to upgrade their Free RP (Royal Pass) to Elite Royal Pass. Upgrading your Royal Pass gives you lots of unique Gun Skins and Emotes as you level up. But many players don’t want to spend money on it.

So today we will show you how you can get UC without any money, without further ado let’s dive right into our topic

Get FREE 150 UC in PUBG Mobile

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The guide below can be used for PC (Tencent Gaming Buddy Emulator or BLUESTACKS), Android and iOS.

The guide below can be used for PC (Tencent Gaming Buddy Emulator or BLUESTACKS), Android and iOS.

Download Avast Secureline for your device, for mobile; find it on the Google Play Store for Android and the App Store for iOS.

Install and open Avast Secureline VPN.

To change a different country, click Change Location. Browse below and select South Korea. Once connected, open PUBG Mobile.

In the top right of the lobby, tap on the inbox, then open that message with an apology theme for everyone. Click on the collect, and get your 150 FREE UC in PUBG Mobile.

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BATTLE Points = UC

BP Points are another way to get UC in PUBG, we are going to talk about BP points, how to get them? What you can do with them, and some ways to kind off cheat the system, but they are 100% legal ways, we don’t use cheats or hacks because that is very risky and now you can be punished with 10 years ban for small cheats so be careful guys …


What are Battle Points ?

With that being said, first we’ll start by covering what Battle Points are, in your game’s home screen on the top right, you can see that counter that tells you how many BPs you currently have

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How can we get them?

You will receive BPs from InGame actions such as getting a lot of kills or lasting the longest In the battle or getting a lot of hits in every battle, so even if you are in the squad so you and you are a good player but your teammates always still your kills, you damage the other characters but you don’t get the final kill, don’t worry because all your efforts will be counted and you will probably end up getting more Battle Points than them.

What can we do with BPs?

At the end of each match, you’ll get a little bit of a summary and your BP points will show up on your home screen you can then go to the rewards tab and open this things called pioneer crates, so if you played PUBG before you’ve likely opened some kind of loot box before and you received a player skin, or a spray or something like that, you can kind of think of these as  the same thing. So for example me, my first pioneer crate was 700 BP, my second was 1400 BP and my third one was 2800 BP, so they double in price each time, so the more you play the game the more you get BP points, and the crates will get expensive too.

Whenever you actually receive a crate, what you receive in them is basically just a character customization option, you can get cloves, boots, just some things that you can equip n your character to make them stand out a little bit.

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Whenever you first comeback to the home screen if you open your rewards create quickly and receive the actual items that you’ve got through the rewards crate you kind off see what you want and exit the game and if you come back, more likely your BP points are going to remain the same and not change, but this bug will not work for everybody all the time for sure and it will certainly be gone in the next patches.



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