pubg mobile banned account

pubg mobile banned account 3

PUBG mobile online game is one of the most famous online games are out there with millions of active players logging in every day, with some of the players trying to win and up levels with illegal ways and shortcuts that’s why PUBG policy and rules could be a little strict and you might easily get a pubg mobile banned account, but you need to understand that they try to keep the competition and gaming environment as safe and fair to all the players. 


Figuring out why you were banned could help you a lot in the process of being unbanned you could do that by going to your history and try finding out what activities you did was wrong. If you could not reach that you could contact the PUBG support team and they will help you with all your data and information. 

PUBG support team also could help you with the unban and get you back to the game, you just need to give them the details and they will keep you in touch with emails or in the game chat and it just a matter of time to get your account and lift the unban from your account.

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