PUBG mobile banned account unlock

PUBG mobile banned account unlock 3

PUBG mobile game is getting more popular day by day and it has millions of active players around the world, and they need to keep the competition levels up with fair game so they apply some rules and policies that the players should follow, you don’t have to be a hacker to only get banned if you violate the rules you will get banned and then your PUBG mobile banned account unlock would be impossible

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The bans differ from a situation to another and they are not all the same, some are temporarily that will last for two or three days and then it will be unlocked automatically, but others could be more serious where they could last for several years and that’s what is called a permanent ban. If you used a toxic language or been offensive to other players and used a cheating codes/map that could risk you getting a permanent ban from the game.

The only clear and legal way to unlock your ban is by connecting with PUBG support team via email or through the game, you could click on “flair a complaint” and that will get you in a chat with the team and they will help you with all you need to unlock your banned account. 

Don’t try to use any other methods to get unlock from the game as helpful as they sound they’re all illegal and will not help you they just may even lengthen your ban because PUBG team takes this very seriously and it very hard to get your way around it.

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