PUBG Mobile 4v4 Team DeathMatch all explained  

PUBG Mobile 4v4 Team DeathMatch all explained   3

PUBG Mobile 4v4 Team DeathMatch all explained

After approximately one year and half from the release of PUBG Mobile, the game had already made a great success and achieved huge numbers and the developers launched many updates changing some features, and adding new ones, and most importantly fixing the bugs of the game and making it suitable for all the players.

The release of Team DeathMatch in PUBG Mobile

Despite the huge number of players of this game, the battle royal system was getting old and less exciting for PUBG Mobile gamers, so in June 2019, Tencent released the 0.13.0 Update with many new features and most importantly the “Team Death Match”

What is Team Death match in PUBG Mobile ?

It is basically a new mode, it is a new kind of battles where two teams, four players each fight against each other, what made it so fun is the duration, the TDM is only 10 minutes which made it very intense and fun to play.

Also another thing that made this mode so interesting is the new map, when you play Team DeathMatch you’ll find yourself in a completely new map called the” Warehouse “.

In the new DeathMatch mode you and 3 other players in the same team will have to defend to fight the 4 players of the other team, and you will have to score as many kills as possible because the first team to get 40 kills is the winner.

The loot isn’t a problem here, every time you get killed; you respawn in the side of your team in front of a table full of weapons, you can pick up whatever you like for the match.


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