PUBG Lite latest Update Best features

PUBG Lite latest Update Best features 5


Hello PUBG gamers and welcome, in this particular article we’ll be talking about PUBG LITE for PC latest update, I think this is the best update of this game yet, it makes this game very close to the principle game PUBG for PC, so follow with me while I tell you about the major changes and awesome features available in this new Upgrade, so without further ado let’s dive into our topic.

The first major change to the game is the addition of the ledge grab feature:

This feature was recently added to PUBG PC and now to PUBG lite PC, all you need to do is to press and hold space while jumping and your player will automatically grab any ledge that comes in front of him, now you can reach positions that you couldn’t think about reaching earlier and surprise your enemies with unexpected ways.

The second addition to the game is the Canted sight, the canted sight is a scope that can be attached to the side of any gun, isn’t this cool?

Next cool feature is the addition of the ragdoll physics to the character models, so now the death animation will look more realistic than ever before making the game itself seem real and killing enemies now is a lot satisfying.

Another cool change is the user’s interface, the game now has almost the same user interface of PUBG pc, and to be honest it just looks insane, for example: when you open graphics tab in settings, when you select each one of the options, it will show you how everyone will affect the game graphics, isn’t this amazing.

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