PUBG lite for Mobile Download | pubg lite for pc download

PUBG lite for Mobile Download | pubg lite for pc download 3

PUBG lite for Mobile Download | pubg lite for pc download

PUBG : “Player Unknown’s Battle Grounds” is an online battle royal video game, battle royal typically means 100 player leap from a plane and parachute to different destinations on a large area (game map ) ,In this game , your mission is simple ,be the last man or squad standing by any means necessary , how you choose to play and survive is up to you .

Currently PUBG is available for both : PUBG for PC and PUBG for mobile ; First release of  PUBG for PC was in march ,2017 ,after the success this game got ,in February ,2018 PUBG for mobile was released for both Android and IOS system. on top of that, it is also available for Xbox and PS4,Battlegrounds is one the most played video games of all time, with more than 400 million players when including the mobile version .

PUBG for PC :

PUBG lite for Mobile Download | pubg lite for pc download 4


PUBG for PC was the first PUBG edition released ,it was released on march 23,2017, developed by PUBG Corporation , subsidiary of the south Korean video game company called  “Blue Hole”, it was inspired by the Japanese film “Battle Royale” ,it was released via  “Stream”  for 29.99 us dollars ($).

Download and install PUBG for PC

You can get the official PUBG for computers version in the steam by following this steps :

  • Go to the official website steam : you can type steam on google or go to this link :


  • Log in or create an account if you don’t have one
  • Search for : PUBG or Player Unknown’s Battle Grounds (you can search anything in the top right corner)
  • Then you can bye it and the download will start .
  • Install it on your pc
  • Your ready to go enjoy your battle

or you can go to the official steam website and search for PUBG and you can find it there .

but before that ,for not wasting your money , you have to check if your private computer can handle this game .

for PUBG to work on your pc , you will need a pc with the following capacities :

OS: 64-bit Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
Processor: Intel Core i5-4430 / AMD FX-6300
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 2GB / AMD Radeon R7 370 2GB
DirectX: Version 11
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Storage: 30 GB available space

These are the minimum system requirements to run PUBG on your PC ,note that minimum settings are never the best way to play a game, including PUBG so in order to run PUBG  on your PC in smooth way  and with perfect graphics , you will need this recommended system requirements :

OS: 64-bit Windows 10
Processor: AMD Ryzen 5-1600 / Intel Core i5-7600K
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Graphics: Nvidia GTX 1060 6GB or better.


 PUBG for Mobile:

PUBG lite for Mobile Download | pubg lite for pc download 5





PUBG lite for Mobile Download | pubg lite for pc download 6


Due the success PUBG for PC got , after approximately one year of lunching PUBG for PC ,exactly on February 9,2018 ,PUBG MOBILE was released by tencent and PUBG corporation ,for both systems : Android and IOS , unlike PUBG for PC PUBG MOBILE is free-to play.

For more details about Owner and developer of PUBG MOBILE click on this link :PUBG MOBILE owner

Downloading PUBG Mobile:

It is very simple to install PUBG MOBILE on your phone:

  • Go to the app store of your platform.
  • Search for “PUBG MOBILE”.
  • It should be the first result you see.
  • To make sure you are on the official release , you can check the number of downloads it will be +100millions download.
  • Click the download button, then it should start download and once the download finish it will be automatically installed on your phone.
  • make sure to check Updates from time to time to be always playing the latest version ,  to get  original  updates and install it perfectly  follow our easy updates guide.

NOW , after you successfully  downloaded and installed  PUBG for PC or PUBG MOBILE ,you will ask : now how I am going to play ?, I never played this game ? and if you start playing the game randomly, you will get killed thousands of times and you will be bored easily because no one likes to lose right, Don’t worry we’ve got you covered, we will provide in the following paragraph a clear explanation of the Gameplay and the stages of the battle :


PUBG Gameplay:

Battle royale:

PUBG lite for Mobile Download | pubg lite for pc download 7

After jumping from your plane and arriving to your destination , now you will need to “Loot “ ..what is “Looting” ?

“Looting” means gathering weapons ,All players begin the game with nothing to defend themselves , so you must search buildings and nearby areas for weapons , armors , and healing items ,at the start of every match ,this weapons are distributed around the map ,while some areas are more likely to have better loot ,you never know what you’ll find in any given location ,areas with large quantity of loot are often crowded and dangerous because ancient players almost  know

Where to find a lot of weapons , so it is your choice to land in this dangerous areas with a lot quantities of loot or land somewhere save and quite with lower quantities of loot , the loot you obtain throughout the match might affect how you play the game , you only found a shotgun ? ,then focus on short range encounters , found a rifle with x8 scope zoom ?,explore the mountains and pick off players from a distance, early in the game and shortly after looting , a large circle will be placed randomly on the map , this circle will be  the new play area for all players , it will reduce the area of the battle ,once inside the circle, the game will continue normally , the area outside the circle is called the “Blue Zone” ,if you remain outside the  Blue Zone (outside the circle), your health will slowly drain until you die ,the play area will continue to reduce in phases  to make the game even harder ,because it encourages players to keep moving and makes it difficult to stay hidden for too long , of course there is a lot more in PUBG than simply staying within the area ,utilizing the environment around you is essential ,whether that be hiding inside of a building , using trees as a cover , or finding a hilltop to snipe and shoot other players ,vehicles are randomly scattered  across every map ,you can find cars, motorcycles, buggies, vans, and more .. each with different capacities, top speeds and durability , on top of that, you can find various  water vehicles like boats and jet skis scattered around the edges of the islands, In battle royal , being the last man standing is the ultimate goal, you may not win at first but if you quickly can  loot an area, practice and master you favorite weapon, you will land that “number one spot “ in no time.



PUBG Ranks:

There are a total of 8 Ranks. To earn your first rank you will need to complete 10 Matches, after playing 10 matches and getting your first rank which is ”Bronze”, you have to get “rank points “(RP) to upgrade your rank,  Rank Promotion/Demotion will be determined by your total rank points, Each of the 8 Ranks represents a range of total RP earned throughout the current season.

1 – Unranked. Less than 10 matches played.

2 – Bronze. Less than 1400 Rank Points.

3 – Silver. 1400-1499 Rank Points.

4 – Gold. 1500-1599 Rank Points.

5 – Platinum. 1600-1699 Rank Points.

6 – Diamond. 1700-1799 Rank Points.

7 – Elite. 1800-1899 Rank Points.

8 – Master. 1900-1999 Rank Points.

9 – GrandMaster. 2000+ Rank Points.

PUBG lite for Mobile Download | pubg lite for pc download 8
How fast can you get to the TOP !!


PUBG Currency :                                                                                        

The currency in PUBG is  “UC” which stands for “Unknown cash”, with UC you can, buy skins, dresses for your characters or to get “Royale pass” which will speed up your upgrading ranking process and get you more precious items, how to get UC ? you have to buy it , The current value of 60 UC is 9.99$.

note that you can use “Holiday cards” to buy items.


Playing PUBG Mobile on PC :

PUBG lite for Mobile Download | pubg lite for pc download 9

As we mentioned earlier  PUBG for PC is not free, but PUBG mobile is, what if I asked you this question :

Is there any chance that we can play PUBG mobile on PC ?! It seems impossible right ? The answer is yes .

It is currently possible to play PUBG MOBILE on pc thanks to “Tencent Gaming Buddy Emulator”, Tencent gaming buddy is that magic tool that makes you able to play a mobile app on your  PC .

Tencent Gaming buddy :

Tencent Gaming Buddy (also called Tencent Game Assistant) is an Android emulator developed by Tencent (which is the company that released PUBG MOBILE in collaboration with “Blue Hole” the founder company of PUBG PC), It is a software that helps you comfortably play some of the best Android games including PUBG Mobile On your PC.

Installing Tencent Gaming buddy and start Playing:

PUBG lite for Mobile Download | pubg lite for pc download 10


System Requirement

The system capacities required for playing PUBG MOBILE  on PC are lower than system requirements for running PUBG for PC .

Minimum System requirements for Running PUBG MOBILE on PC:

CPU :DUAL CORE from Intel or AMD at 1.8 GHz.

GPU(Graphics):NVIDIA GeForce 8600/9600GT,ATI/AMD Radeon HD2600/3600

Memory:at lease 3gb of RAM

OS:windows 10,8,8.1 and 7

DirectX:version 9.0

Storage:1GB of free storage

Installing :

To correctly install tencent buddy simulator and run  PUBG mobile on your PC, you have to follow this steps :

Notice that when you start playing PUBG mobile on your PC, you are going to be paired with other players Using other android emulators but I wanted to show you the official tencent  link because I think it works better than the other ones.

  • Download the emulator from that link, and save it in a particular destination on your PC.
  • Open the folder where you saved it, double click on it to start installing .
  • When it finishes downloading click on “start”:a window will appear with different android games including PUBG.
  • Click on PUBG and click “install” the download time can vary from 5 to 30 minutes depending on your internet speed.
  • When PUBG MOBILE finishes downloading, all you need to do is click on “Play”.(you can sign in or play as a guest)

Now you are playing PUBG Mobile on your PC.

Difference between PUBG PC and PUBG Mobile:

PUBG lite for Mobile Download | pubg lite for pc download 11

There is not a big difference between PUBG PC and PUBG Mobile, the gameplay is almost similar in the two games, however there a slight difference in graphics and game designing:

  • Graphics :

The main difference is that mobile version of PUBG runs on low-end graphics, basically it can run in any phone with average capacities .

In the other hand  PUBG PC runs on high-end graphics that give a soothing touch to the gaming experience. The PC version of this battle game is quite fascinating. The graphics of these versions actually make a huge difference. On mobile, one can hardly cross 480p, whereas, the same game is available in high quality – 720p and 1080p.

  • Interior Design


PUBG lite for Mobile Download | pubg lite for pc download 12



Apart from basic graphics difference, one major key difference between PUBG Mobile and PUBG PC is designing. The houses designed in PUBG Mobile and PUBG PC are different. In PUBG Mobile, the rooms and doors of houses, as well as the walls of the areas, are pretty normal. However, in the case of PUBG PC, there are some additional walls and doors inside houses. The bigger rooms in PUBG PC Erangel Map are divided into smaller multiple rooms.


  • Game Updates between PUBG mobile and PUBG PC

Updates for online battle royale are one of the key factors that keep the loyal players playing the game, as well as attract more new players. Both PUBG mobile and PUBG PC have updates released regularly, but the sizes of updates patches are the main difference between PUBG pc vs mobile. With the base game about 1,6GB, an update patch of PUBG mobile normally stands at more than 1GB. In the meantime, an update patch for PUBG PC can be bigger than 10GB, considering the base game has already taken 19GB of your PC memory.


After all these are very small differences, and PUBG PC and PUBG Mobile are both awesome games.

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