PUBG console Cross network play (best update 4.3)

PUBG console Cross network play (best update 4.3) 1

PUBG console Cross network play (update 4.3)

PUBG console update 4.3 is the greatest update yet in PUBG console, that is a fact, it added so many new features to the game, and it fixed so many problems, for sure this update responded to the players requests, but there is one main jump, one huge new addition that will change your console experience forever, I am happy to present you:

PUBG Console cross-platform play

PUBG console Cross network play (best update 4.3) 2

This basically means that players from both Xbox and PlayStation communities will now be able to play together in the same matchmaking pools, “Our goal with cross Network Play is to improve our matchmaking times, which we expect to be shorter for all console players due to the wider pool” says KOOSUG JEONG, the producer of PUBG for console0

During matchmaking,  players are picked  from both consoles, though not players on PC. There’s an icon next to the names indicating whether they’re playing on a PS4 or an Xbox One. Purists will be able to exclude players from the opposite platform from their leader boards as well.

This last update also brings a new progress tracker called Survival Mastery. It’ll display how you and your teammates fared in a match with a “detailed review of each combat encounter,” and offer you rewards for putting survival skills into practice. You can earn XP through looting, combat, using items in combat and reviving a teammate. The system also brings forth the  ID, a customizable profile through which you can showcase your accomplishments to other players .






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