PUBG BEST  full airdrops GUIDE

PUBG BEST  full airdrops GUIDE 1


Airdrops in PUBG are very eye-catching for a lot of players on the map since it is full of loot  and  they’re being dropped from around ~200m in the air and it has a relatively big parachute being deployed above it making it hard to miss. When it’s dropped, it emits red smoke for around 20 seconds making it hard to miss when you need to walk over hills to reach the airdrop. But is it really worth it going for the airdrop or is it better to camp around it or just all around avoid it? In this PUBG guide, we’ll be talking about every detail of airdrops in PUBG  where can you find it? , when? Easiest way to get airdrops, so without further ado let’s dive in our topic .


WHEN to find PUBG airdrops

The crates themselves will drop every few minutes, but they cannot be perfectly timed due to RNG.

With the RNG it’s hard to determine if there’s a difference between Erangel and Miramar. But by using the timer for the blue zone in the bottom right the first aidrop will usually start around 2:45 for the very first blue zone.

WHERE to find AIRDROPS and What should you do

The best way to find the first plane is to just keep and eye/ear out for the plane, it’s hard to miss.

Step 1: Land Between Georgopol and Rozhok Erangel.

PUBG BEST  full airdrops GUIDE 2

All red dots mark a possible car spawn, the roads on the map above have high density for car spawns.

Step 1: Land Los Leones or Pecado Miramar
While there are car garages in the desert, they’re extremely uncommon, the only one I could find was at Hacienda del Patron.

Step 2: Loot a bit before the play area is shown
If you have confirmed there’s a car near you, then begin looting nearby buildings. Try to find a backpack and a primary.

Step 3: Go to the center of the circle

As soon as the white circle appears, begin driving. Place a marker in the middle of the white circle and drive as fast as you can. But be careful if the middle is near a highly populated area, or surrounded by a lot of trees. You need safety and vision for the next step.
Step 4: Wait for the plane
As said at the beginning of this guide, the plane should spawn around 2:45 on the circle timer. Track the plane and wait for it to drop, and the second it drops…

PUBG BEST  full airdrops GUIDE 3

Step 5: Rush the airdrop

Yes it might sound dumb, but early game most people are too busy looting (especially in squads) to go for an airdrop. Most times it will be an easy grab. Just get in, loot, and drive away.

Quick tip: If you have a teammate with you, and the gun is an M249, load the gun in the car as you drive away.


  • The AUG

an Assault Rifle that is very superior compared to the Groza since it’s just better in every way. It has a more stable spray pattern, can use every muzzle attachment and it can use a Foregrip. This Assault Rifle is stat-wise the best Assault Rifle in the game currently and is always a worthy pick-up compared to all the other ARs.

• The AWM

a Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle that has seen the most controversy around it compared to all the other weapons in the game. With the fastest bullet speed in the game, exclusive .300 MAGNUM ammunition, and highest damage even being able to one-shot someone with a level 3 Helmet makes it absolutely the best long-range weapon that’s currently available in the game. The only two downsides of this weapon are that it only comes with 20 bullets and its iron sight is absolutely useless, not that you should be using it without a scope greater than 2x anyway.

• The M24

another Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle that got buffed in the 1.0 patch with its damage. This gun feels inferior to the AWM but still has a lot more damage than the Kar98k leaving an enemy with a level 3 helmet at 2 HP if you headshot him. The upsides of this weapon are that it has really fast firing speed, more commonly found ammunition, and relatively low kickback when you’ve shot it. This makes it always a good pick up.

• The Mk14

is a Semi-Automatic Sniper Rifle that probably has the highest vertical and horizontal recoil in the game. The reason I say “probably” is because Bluehole (PUBG’s developers) doesn’t actually release the statistics of every gun. The Mk14 is a very strong gun that suffers from the requirement of having to crouch/prone while shooting or attaching a Compensator on it otherwise the bullets will sway to the side and not actually hit anywhere near your target.

• The M249

is one of the 2 LMGs (Light Machine Gun) that are currently in the game. This gun has the biggest magazine in the game and uses 5.56 ammunition. If you practice with it a lot, it becomes a very viable weapon, and for newer players it may be a weapon you should avoid. It has a little less wild spray pattern than the AK but almost matches it. Beware, it also also takes around 6 seconds before you actually can shoot it again when you need to reload. The M249 is best used to destroy vehicles.


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