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A healthy and fair gaming experience is what PUBG Mobile developers are trying to create for players all around the world. Henceforth, they’ve put strict punishments for those who are caught cheating. Although, Pubg team, have the right to ban accounts with nicknames, and hackers. As well as the cheating, toxicity, offensive users, who break regulations and terms of the game.

Accounts can be banned to a differs duration that’s between Temporary “2-3” days or Permanent “10-100” years, depending on the rules violation. 

There are some other programs or actions that can break the game regulations of conduct and cause a permanent restriction, and not only programs for hacking and cheating, such as software that bypasses the services in the game. Any other programs that violate other game’s rules on your device.  

In case the ban is permanent then you need to get in touch with PUBG support website, so you can submit a ticket and check whether they can unban you or not. In other cases, banning due to nicknames would last for 10 years. Which on the other hand makes it difficult to get unbanned from Pubg. 


There are some guidelines to protect from account banning by pubg. Tencent will manually check your log, if you kill from 5-6 enemies within average minutes 1-3. A manual check by pubg team if your account is younger than 200-500 hours and kills 8-10 and more per game. Five manual reports per game will give pubg team a hint to manually check the account and ban it. A straight ban will cross the account, in the case of two manual reports from teammate and spectators, as it’s not applicable to global.

In terms of hacking, there are some, which you can follow to avoid account banning. No Recoil, Location Hack, & All ESP. Don’t use any non-trusted scripts. After killing 2 enemies or squad, turn off your data for 10 to 15 seconds and turn it on again and repeat the process after every 2 or squad kills. Maintain your statistics like normal players, keep 40-50% headshots, and don’t talk about hacks in the game.




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