PUBG 5 BEST LOOT places IN THE MAP Miramar

PUBG 5 BEST LOOT places IN THE MAP Miramar 5

Miramar is a completely different landscape of PUBG  than erangle; taking place in desert, but guess what ?The exact same principles apply for Miramar  and every other upcoming PUBG map i think ,  as they do for Erangel loot. Frequent flight-path locations with good loot are high-risk, high-reward. Places further out or less known are a better option, and smaller settlements are normally okay for last resorts but you should try to do better if possible. Let’s dive in to the specifics! Again, starting with the highest risk going to the lowest.


Hacienda del Patrón (murder house)


PUBG 5 BEST LOOT places IN THE MAP Miramar 6


An absolute death trap but great fun and full to the brim with weapons, scopes, and level 3 gear. The works. If you fancy a shoot-out with a chance at the best stuff, go for it.

The issue is this is bang in the middle of the map, so there are almost always people here, and it’s now so well-known that often you can bike across half the map at top speed and still find someone waiting to pick you off as soon as you walk in the door. Its deadliness is particularly prominent because of how small it is. Imagine Erangel’s School, only more condensed, with better loot.


Pecado Casino and Gym

PUBG 5 BEST LOOT places IN THE MAP Miramar 7


Basically an alternative to Hacienda, this is another death trap right in the middle of the map with great loot and loads of people in one tiny area.

Use these two places to warm up or to practise your combat skills, but you should really avoid them in games you’re trying your best to win, unless you can be the first to arrive there from a distant flight path – but you’ll have to be rapid if you do. Note that some reckon the Gym building is actually better for loot than the more popular and well-known Casino.



PUBG 5 BEST LOOT places IN THE MAP Miramar 8


The Prison has probably the best loot in the game, and loads of it, especially in the main prison building (the one with broken down walls as points of entry and, you know, the prison cells inside).

The issue is it’s right in the bottom left corner of the map, and on an island of its own. That means it’s hard to reach, it’s popular when it is in reach because suddenly everyone wants to take their chance to go there, and it’s also a nightmare if you get bad luck with a circle appearing at the other end of the map.

There are vehicles to be found though, and there’s nothing like tearing into the third circle at the last minute with level 3 gear to put the fear of god into campers.


Campo Militar (Military Base):

PUBG 5 BEST LOOT places IN THE MAP Miramar 9

Very similar to the Prison, only more spread out. Tonnes of loot but it’s often either too far away to be worth it, or too popular once it’s in reach.

It’s great for a squad, but not so much for a single player, as the loot is just so spread out, despite its quantity and military quality. Of the two, the Prison is better in our opinion, and also a little more fun, too.

Los Leones:

PUBG 5 BEST LOOT places IN THE MAP Miramar 10

A bit of a Pochinki, this one – not a lot of point in landing here outside of practise or the fun of early shoot-outs, because there are other places just as risky but with better loot nearby, or indeed less risky with the same quality of loot.

The abunance of high-rise buildings means you’re exposed when travelling, and enemies could be absolutely anywhere. It’s vastly popular and slow to loot – but, all that said, there is a way to do it right.

Land in the warehouses to the south, and aim for the brown-brick ones that have an upper floor on the inside and some rooms within. These warehouses generally have good automatic rifles and even up to level 3 gear in them if you’re lucky, too. They’re less popular than the main town and faster to loot, and there’s good access to vehicles and roads nearby to make an escape to a safer spot once you’re done.

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now after you know where to land, you need to know which WEAPONS you should take and why ?

i got you with the PUBG WEAPONS GUIDE


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