pubg 10 year ban fix

pubg 10 year ban fix 1

PUBG was one of the first games to bring battle royal mode into the gaming spotlight. it was an overnight success quickly gathering millions of fans worldwide with a growing platform that reach millions of players daily. but as like any competitive game it faced major problems with hackers and cheaters using third party programs getting unfair advantages recently there is being thousands of players getting 10 years bans for no reason at all if you one of them do not worry PUBG team are working hard to fix this problem and you will not your account soon.

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Otherwise, if you have created and you been caught the 10 year ban sounds harsh but you need to understand that people worked to achieve what they have and you can’t just get away with as they trying to keep the game with healthy competition and safe environment for all the players who play daily on the game.

There is a huge number of players who got banned and players are getting banned by the second as PUBG mobile authorities have made it clear about the violations and their punishments if ever got approached. All of this is because of how thrilling the Royal battle is but better be safe than sorry.

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