Participate in PUBG Mobile India Bonus Challenge?

PUBG Mobile India Bonus Challenge

The PUBG Mobile India Bonus Challenge is a Solo, TPP mode game played in Erangle map.

Player Unknown’s Battleground or PUBG’s popularity has become undeniable and the Batttle Royale Game has even more attractions for gaming enthusiasts all over the world. In India too, although many media sources has reported that PUBG Mobile has been banned in various cities. Although there is no verifiable fact in regard to that, nevertheless the gaming community’s loyalty seem unchanged.

PUBG Mobile Team has added many new and interesting updates and features regularly. One such new event is the PUBG Mobile India Bonus Challenge. So how does one participate in PUBG Mobile India Bonus Challenge?

Steps to Register for PUBG Mobile India Bonus Challenge.

Here are the step by step procedure along with screenshots to help you register and compete in the India Bonus Challenge.

From the lobby, select the trophy icon available at the bottom.

PUBG Mobile Indis Bonus Challenge
PUBG Mobile India Bonus Challenge

Here you will see “India Bonus Challenge” as the first option. Click there and you will be redirected to the page shown below.

India Bonus Challenge

There are three challenges or three competitions you can choose from, viz. Novice (entry fee of 10UC), Adept (entry fee of 20 UC) and Expert (entry fee of 30 UC). Learn how to get free PUBG Mobile UC credits here. Depending on the entry fee payable, the rewards will also differ. One should also note here that you can register for only one of the three options at a time.

Participate in PUBG Mobile India Bonus Challenge? 5

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Points to remember for India Bonus Challenge

Note that the registration is open for only one hour. But you must register at once when the link opens because the first option – Novice, is usually full within a minute! The second option Adept takes a little longer time. But that is also full in about 5 minutes. The last option Expert is available for registration for much longer time.

When does The Match Start?

This is one very important point to remember for players. Once registered and the registration period of 1 hour is over, there will be a 10 minutes winder for you to enter the room. You just have to follow the above steps. Instead of the option to register, you will see “Enter” option. Please note that if you do not enter the match within this 10 minutes period, you will lose the UC spent on your registration. The same is not refundable.

So, good luck and win that precious Chicken Dinner and earn rewards which can be redeemed for rare finds and crates!

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