voice server connection timed out cod mobile

voice server connection timed out cod mobile 1

voice server connection timed out cod mobile

Call of Duty Mobile, another battle royal, this game made a lot of noise the past months, and everybody is already fan of it, in just one or 2 weeks, it reached millions of downloads for both android and IOS systems.

Like PUBG Mobile, Call of duty Mobile was also developed by the giant Chinese gaming company “Tencent”.

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After one week, the game had surpassed 10 million downloads and generated over US$17.7 million in revenue, making it the largest mobile game launch in history, It was originally announced in March of 2019, yes now there is a new concurrent to PUBG Mobile, the PUBG Mobile team released recently the new and it is the best update of the game so far with many new features and cool things.

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Like any new game or application, in the first releases, there will be a lot of bugs and glitches, and then the developers will continually release new updates to try and solve those problems and ensure a great experience to all the gamers of the game.

The “Connection Terminated / Connection Timed Out” error

It is the error that CODM players were receiving after the new update v1.0.4. This error will be shown when the game servers are busy, or the game servers not available in your region.

After searching a lot on the internet about this issue, users should have found a fix which will help them some times to access the game servers but some of the solutions might not work for the players. But after reading this article, users will not get this error again and can permanently fix this issue. So follow some simple steps listed below to eradicate this error.

So for solving this issue I will give you guys two methods and one of them must work for you, so without further ado I will start explaining to you each one with clear easy steps .

First method

  • Download Express Vpn app from this links :

For Android : https://bit.ly/V2c3PC

For IOS       : https://apple.co/2LXEsUq

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  • Create an account / Sign up.
  • Click on “Select location.”
  • Click on Show all severs and locate the Canada region in the list.
  • You will find the Montreal-2server from Canada Category.
  • Connect to this server.
  • After connecting, open your game and play.
  • You will no longer face the error and can easily play the game. ENJOY !


Second method

This method is going to be somehow long and little bit complicated, but don’t worry I will break it down to you guys in an easy way and all you need to do is follow along with me and you will be ok.

First thing we going to do is going to the play store, and download an app called “UFO VPN” id should not take too long.

This is one of the VPNs that are not blocked by the COD Company because a lot of them are blocked.

This app is not free but we can activate a free trial, and I will show you how to do that.

Open the app.

Hit “go premium”.

You will find it written 7 days trial.

Now all you have to do is to enter a valid payment method like PAYPAL for example and hit subscribe.


Note: if you surpass 7 days, you will get charged automatically, that’s why you should cancel your subscription after getting the free trial.

To cancel your subscription:

voice server connection timed out cod mobile 2


Go to your play store and hit the little info bar on the side, go to subscriptions it should be the third one down on the left, you will find what you are subscribed to and you guys can click on the app and click cancel subscription on the bottom.


voice server connection timed out cod mobile 3 voice server connection timed out cod mobile 4


Don’t worry even if you cancel the subscription, the app will continue to work for you .



Now we will make some changes to the files, the code of the app.

Click on preferences in the bottom middle.

Now click on the “main config”.

Once you enter to main config, go to reword _for_ad_total.

After you click it you will enter a value, you should enter a big value like 6 or 7 digits.

voice server connection timed out cod mobile 5


Hit save .

Now let’s comeback to preferences

Search to find “com.google.android.gms.measurment.prefs”.

Click on it and click on key again and enter a high value like in the previous step.

Hit save.

Now go open the vpn app and click location choose call of duty mobile.

After that you’ll be connected.

Now you can go ahead and open CALL OF DUTY MOBILE.

ENJOY your time!


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