How to use holiday card in PUBG MOBILE & 4 PUBG TRICKS

How to use holiday card in PUBG MOBILE & 4 PUBG TRICKS 3

PUBG MOBILE has gone viral, with more than 100 million downloads, pretty much every gamer play PUBG now, if it happens that you got some holiday cards from your last events, and you are wondering what should you do with it, and you want to use it or redeem it, especially because holiday cards are not permanent, they have an expiration date ,it is really simple to use your holiday card ,we will provide an easy guide for you,but first go get the latest UPDATE, visit our


How to use your PUBG MOBILE Holiday card


To use your holiday card on PUBG MOBILE:

  1. Open your game application, in the bottom right corner of the window you will find an icon with the image of a gift box, which is the store icon, from now every time you need to go to the store click on this icon. How to use holiday card in PUBG MOBILE & 4 PUBG TRICKS 4
  2. Click on the store icon to open your store, on the window of the store on the right you fill find a menu, with different options: “New season Awesome Gifts” , “New Season: Clan Teams”, ”New Season: Survival Challenge”, ”Results Viewer”, “Sign-in rewards”
  3. Select the first option “New Season Awesome Gifts” you will find it on the top of the menu. How to use holiday card in PUBG MOBILE & 4 PUBG TRICKS 5
  4. After clicking on this option, you will be able to scroll through a list of different gifts that you can redeem with your holiday cards, every item has a different value, for example you can get a suit with 50 cards or get a crate with 20 cards, these are just examples, I am not sure about the exact value of each item, you can also get coupon scraps which can be used to create coupons. How to use holiday card in PUBG MOBILE & 4 PUBG TRICKS 6
  5. You can learn more about how to earn more holiday cards by trying to tap and explore all the options of the previous menu, for example there is some daily events you can complete to get more; every day you will have daily events that u should complete within 24 hours to earn holiday cards.

Now that you learnt how to use your PUBG MOBILE holiday cards from your store, you may be confused about redeeming them, you probably wonder what item should you choose, especially because holiday cards can be hard to get, and once you got it, it will expire after a certain period.

What items to redeem Holiday card with?

You must choose wisely how you spend your holiday card, because you can’t get that every day, there are some items I recommend you to redeem your holiday card with : I advice you to go for “coupons” because they have a great value or choose “crates” and if you have enough holiday cards left, redeem it with some suits, the reason I kept suits the last is because, almost all of the time, with holiday cards, you can get suits only for a small period like 7 days or less.

To complete your daily challenges and get more holiday cards, you have to set up your game and upgrade your skills, here are some

PUBG tips to improve your skills and become a pro!

Choose where to land very carefully                 

A game of PUBG can last as long as half an hour or, if things go horribly wrong, it can all be over in a few seconds. One surefire way of exiting early is by misjudging your initial landing spot, which is why it’s first on our list of PUBG Mobile tips and .

Loot first, shoot later

Let me re-emphasize this one last time—if you die in PUBG you are dead. In solo play, there are no second chances, and in squads you’ll be putting your team’s chances of victory at risk if you keep getting downed early.

Only shoot when you’re in range


How to use holiday card in PUBG MOBILE & 4 PUBG TRICKS 7


This is the ultimate rookie error and it’ll get you killed more than anything else in PUBG Mobile. Deciding when to hide and when to attack is a tricky balancing act, but you should never ever open fire unless you know your weapon has a chance of hitting the target.

Keep an eye on the map

It’ll take a fair few games to learn the layout of certain areas of the PUBG map, let alone the whole thing. While you’re getting used to the landscape, make sure you’re paying attention to the mini map and keeping an eye on the diminishing play area.

Wheels are better than legs

How to use holiday card in PUBG MOBILE & 4 PUBG TRICKS 8


Need to get somewhere fast? Then you need a vehicle, my friend.

Vehicles are littered all around each of the game’s maps but you’ll find them most commonly near the larger cities and on the main roads.

for a better general explanation of PUBG GAMEPLAY and downloading &  installing for both PUBG MOBILE & PUBG  for PC visit this article : PUBG PC-MOBILE







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