how to unbanned pubg mobile facebook account

how to unbanned pubg mobile facebook account 1

There is a way to unban your PUBG mobile facebook account it not that hard and it might work for you, you can contact PUBG support team and say that someone else has been using your account where it mostly work for people because it hard to track if someone is using your account or not and they will get you unbanned and also it might be considered as a white lie since you’re not hurting any and you didn’t violate PUBG rules.

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If that didn’t work try to tell them that you didn’t know that you were breaking the rules and maybe it is not someone else on your team did and it will take a while just keep pushing politely for the response and they will get to you. Also, as desperate as things get never download the script illegally because it is against the rules.

If all that didn’t work, unfortunately, you need to make a new facebook account and start new in PUBG mobile, it might be a tough one to deal with but hey, it is far better than getting your account permanently banned.

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