how to unbanned pubg mobile account

how to unbanned pubg mobile account 3

The game’s terms violation such as cheating and using a third party may lead players into banning according to the strict punishments that PUBG Mobile team has set. 

To unban the account the player must file a claim that has been provided by Tencent. This provision is a request from the player to Tencent asking them to restore the account on the game. Then if the player turns to have nit violated the terms then their account shall be unbanned. However, this file claim can only be used and effectively helpful if the player hasn’t really violated any of the game terms or used any cheating tools, auto-aiming, virtual apps or any third-party apps that boost the players’ gaming skills. 

Owing to the fact that certain PUBG Mobile accounts have been banned by mistake, there is a way that these accounts can be unbanned. However, if the player proved to have violated the rules then it would be difficult to unban their accounts through this process. Hence, the chances of this way to work is very low. 

Yet this is so far the only way to unban the PUBG Mobile players’ banned account. 


Hackers do always find a way to bypass a ban, so you basically get unbanned. Surely it will work on the permanents bans that up to 100 years. In six simple and short steps, the banned account can go unlocked again and let the player resume pubg gaming. 

First, the user needs to get the date of the ban, for example, 05.09.2018 2:19:20, then, change device time to a bit before that, 05.09.2018 2:19:00. Open TGB and PUBGM in time to see the ban screen, tap on file claim, and cancel at the same moment. The last step is to Login to your account after the expiring of the ban and the account will bypass. 




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