how to unban pubg mobile account tencent gaming buddy

how to unban pubg mobile account tencent gaming buddy 7

how to unban pubg mobile account Tencent gaming buddy is a common question that is been asked frequently, and you need to know that the official way to get your PUBG mobile account back is by connecting with PUBG support team they’re everywhere you could do that via email or through the chatroom on the game or even on social media Facebook, Twitter and Instagram just by mentioning them and they will help you with all want you need and will do everything to get you unbanned and back at the game.

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But other methods like using a websites that will get you a script or wiggle your way through the codes and rules that’s all it illegal and will not be safe for your device and will not 100% will get you what you want and lift the ban off and may take more time and effort than the right way.

So be smart and use do the right thing, and you will get your account back don’t listen to all the ads out there that assure you help because they are not really informed formally by the team or the developers.

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