how to unban PUBG Mobile account emulator

how to unban PUBG Mobile account emulator 3

how to unban PUBG Mobile account emulator

PUBG Mobile, who doesn’t love this game, and if you are reading this, you are probably a PUBG Mobile gamer as well.

some of us PUBG players might spend a lot of time playing this game, like for months and even for years now because it’s now almost 2 years since this game was launched by the giant gaming company Tencent.

So as I said, if you started playing PUBG Mobile very early, you are playing it for almost 2 years, practicing every day,  trying to find those loots spots and chasing the airdrops to get the best weapons and gear ,  playing for hours to figure out the best weapons and tactics for you to get that chicken dinner, and climbing the ranks to the top after a lot of hard work and time invested in this game.

And some day you wake up you go to play PUBG as usual, and boom surprise YOUR ACCOUNT IS BANNED!!!

PUBG Mobile Ban Policy

the PUBG MOBILE team has been taking a stand against unfair means of play in the game for a long while.

Since last year, the team has been banning players temporarily when found guilty of using unfair measures to win matches. However, despite the bans in place, the team keeps on witnessing cheaters using unfair means to nab the chicken dinner in the first place.

And to combat that, the team has now taken a drastic step that may stop cheaters from coming back into the game for a very long time, but unfortunately, with this new strict rules, even some fair players find themselves getting banned although they didn’t cheat or do anything against the game’s rules, and this been happening a lot especially since the announcement of the 10 year ban rule.


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What got you banned?

how to unban PUBG Mobile account emulator 4


Before elaborating the ways solutions to the problem, we need to have a very clear idea about the problem by finding the causes that got your PUBG Mobile account banned.

Here are the 5 principle things that can get you a ban in Pubg Mobile:

  1. Using VPN or any third-party servers

If you are somebody who has been using any kind of servers or VPN to change your default country and boost your rank or Royale points, best believe, you will join the list of the 30,000 players before you. And this rule will apply to both beginners as well as those dominating the ranking boards.

   2. Using unauthorized hardware

When you’re a regular PUBG player, especially if you play on your phone, buying cheap accessories to elevate your game may seem enticing. But be vary of these accessories, because if they aren’t authorized by PUBG Corp, not only can they ban you, but also take legal action against you.

   3. Not reporting bugs or glitches

Sometimes you will encounter glitches in the form of not being able to enter games, or not dying despite being shot, or being able to run faster. If you take advantage of these glitches, or you counter an opponent doing the same and not report him, then you have a high chance of being banned.

  4. Tampering with the game data or server

If you change the file format of the game, you are in violation of the copyright laws. Similarly, if you mess around with changing packet data and or servers to interfere with the game, then you will be in trouble.

  5. Being offensive or using offensive nicknames

If you offend other players on the basis of race, country, gender or caste, you will be under scrutiny. Similarly, if your username or nickname has any offensive words, or includes sexually explicit content or can hurt the sentiments of other players, the company is capable of taking action against you. This also remains true if your nickname includes any words that infringe the trademark or copyright of the game.

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With that being said let’s jump now into SOLUTIONS.


So t get your banned account back you will need to make an unban request in the official PUBG support by creating a ticket

There is a small clear tutorial to create your ticket:

1- Go to the official PUBG Support team by clicking this link :

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You can select your language on the top right of the window.

2- Now click on “submit a ticket” in the top right corner next to the language.

This page will appear to you


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3- Click on this empty field

Select the option for your case: steam support or PS4 support or XBOX support

4- Then you will be taken to a page with a form to fill out


The fields you need to fill are the following:


  • Email Address:

You will need to put your email address; not any email address, the email address related to your PUBG account.

The Issue

  • Issue :

Select the “ban” option and then select the type of ban you got; permanent ban, hardware ban, team killing ban …

  • Preferred support language: select the language suitable for you.


  • Steam Account Name :

Enter here the ID you use to log into the Steam platform.


  • PUBG Nickname:

Enter your PUBG Nickname

  • Description:
  • Subject :

Enter a significant small title like : “Unban request”

  • Description :

That is the most important part, explain your case, your request and why should they unban your Account.

  • Attachments: you can add here the proofs we talked about above, like screenshots or links.

Note: Maximum file upload size is 20MB per file.
For larger files, upload to external sites put the link here; like a google drive link for example.

  • Finally : the “I’m not a robot part which is obvious”
  • Then submit your tickets, all you have to do is waiting to wait for them to reply to you, and make to check your spam folder as well.

ONLINE Unban Services

Now that we’ve finished with making a ticket to the official PUBG support team, there are some online services that provide you a ticket, actually they sell you a ticket, they claim that they are professional and they know how to right to the support so they can convince them to get you unbanned.

However, nothing is guaranteed, what you are going to pay for is not your account getting unbanned, but it is simply the letter that they provide for you and you send that letter to the support team as explained above.








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