how to remove ban from pubg mobile

how to remove ban from pubg mobile 5

PUBG mobile game has been gain massive popularity since its release in 2017 as being one of the first shooting and battle royal games that you could play using your mobile device which is mean you can game everywhere anytime because of its huge fanbase PUBG policy rules could be a little extreme because of the thriving need by banned players learning various ways to remove ban from PUBG mobile.

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When you get banned from the game for use of downloaded scripts or any other illegal ways, when you try to log in again you will get a message telling you that you been banned for an amount of time depends on what you have done if it’s not something major as cheating or hacking other players account you will get a few days to ban and it will be unbanned by PUBG team.

but the only way to get your account unbanned is you need to issue a complaint about the PUBG support team and they will get in contact with you and try to help you as soon as possible and be ready for the harsh consequences if you ever tried to do something illegal as PUBG authorities never tolerate these kind of behaviors.

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