How To Play PUBG Mobile on PC?

PUBG Mobile for PC

PUBG Mobile’s popularity is going beyond denial that it even finds a mention in the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi’s “Pariksha Par Charcha 2.0” programme. And imagine a game where Elite Royale pass ugrades crossed 2 million players in the current season 5, that’s just so PUBG Mobile. You’ve heard the game, and you wanted to try out on your PC? Here’s how to play PUBG Mobile on your PC.

Download PUBG Mobile for PC

First off, you will need to download PUBG Mobile for PC. For that you will need an emulator. I would personally recommend Tencent’s Official Gaming Buddy instead of other PC Emulators. Tencent has developed this emulator solely for PUBG Mobile for PC. Download Tencent Gaming Buddy here. Once downloaded, install and run the Tencent gaming Buddy. This is your emulator from where you can download and install PUBG Mobile on your PC. Since it’s is a big size download, it will take some time to install depending upon your internet connection.

PUBG Mobile for PC

Play PUBG Mobile on PC Using Tencent Gaming Buddy

Now that you have downloaded and installed PUBG Mobile on your PC, you can start the game by directly clicking the PUBG Mobile icon or starting Tencent Gaming Buddy.

Please note that you may be required to install some additional files the first time you run the game. Update the graphics and control settings as per your PC’s configuration and your accustomed controls.

PUBG Mobile on startup always checks for updates so you should not be worried. If there are no updates, the game will start loading automatically. If new or additional updates are released, it will download them automatically.

PUBG Mobile for PC

PUBG Mobile vs PUBG Mobile for PC

PUBG Mobile’s pupolarity seems to be unmatched by it’s PC version. And playing PUBG Mobile on your PC will not be the same experience. For example, pickups in PC will have multiple key controls while you could just click to pick up supplies on Mobile. The mobile version is better in a way that you can play wherever you are, because your mobile is with you. Also PUBG Team has made sure that emulator players are matched with other emulator players and not with Mobile players. This is a pretty fair decision as you will have to practice on the Mobile platform to level up.

Tencent Gaming Buddy Alternatives

Although there are many other alternative Emulators from where you can play PUBG Mobile, Tencent is still the best. Alternatives include Bluestacks, Kodi App, Nox App Player etc. You will find some people writing about using these emulators. Yes you can of course try them and see for yourself which is the best in terms of performance and ease of gameplay. Afterall, you will be playing a game developed for Mobile Phones on your PC or Laptop.

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