how to get free uc in pubg mobile android 2019

how to get free uc in pubg mobile android 2019 3

If you’re looking to get free UC in PUBG, your best bet is to chase kills rather than trying to survive for as long as possible. Hiding away may net you decent BP per match, but it can take forever. Constantly dropping into hotly contested areas and fighting other players will cost less time and more often than not, it’ll prove to more lucrative.


Once you get a royal pass then it’ll be easy to get a next royal pass for free (yeah free royal pass and UC). As soon as you buy a royal pass you have to complete the daily missions and weekly missions to increase your RP rank for each rank 10 they’ll give you 30 UC freely and once you complete the RP level to 100 you’ll have enough 800 UC to buy the next royal pass of next season.

You can also take surveys from PUBG team that will give you free UC, there’s no shortcut to getting UC in PUBG mobile without giving the real money. If you try to do anything stupid that will give you 10 years ban you cant even sign in with the account anymore.

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