how to fix request timed out in pubg mobile

how to fix request timed out in pubg mobile 3

As an online player, you may have faced a timeout request in PUBG it sometimes due to the crowded active players sometimes the game will crash and it will lead to a request timeout keep popping on the screen so to fix request timed out in pubg mobile there are few things you need to consider first.



Your internet connection needs always to be good, using mobile data could make your game freeze because the signal will keep changing so it preferred to use a wifi connection it stronger and harder to be disconnected. Try to play PUBG using WiFi at all times because it also helps to improve the performance of the game and you will be having a splendid gaming experience.

Use airplane mode in your device, it will block any notification or calls that will weak your connection so while playing always be in do not disturb mode.

If you are playing via an emulator check on it first because it will crash your game multiple times make sure you use a great one to not give you any problems while gaming.

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