How to Fix Lagging Issue in PUBG Mobile

Fix lagging issue in PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile is a massively popular online Multiplayer Game that anyone can download for free. The game has over 100 million downloads and more than 13.6 million reviews on Playstore alone. One can also download PUBG Mobile for PC and play with emulator such as Tencent Gaming Buddy, Bluestacks and other similar platforms. But one problem that every player face and complain about is the lagging issue in PUBG Mobile. Despite numerous updates released by Tencent and various minor in game updates, the lagging issue seems to be persistent. The latest lagging issue worth mentioning is the automatic door opening problem. You have to manually open doors even if you set to auto-open from the settings.

Why does PUBG Mobile Lags during gameplay?

Given the sizeable app download and great graphics combined with being an online game, lagging issue in PUBG Mobile is no wonder. In fact, lagging issue is inevitable in any other game with such number of active players and detailed graphics as well. The developers knew this before hand and introduced servers region-wise to optimize the gameplay and make it as smooth as possible.

Lagging issue in PUBG Mobile Fixed

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Did you know that playing the game in the server closest to your region will result in the best experience in terms of smooth gameplay? This is because just like accessing websites, you are accessing resources from their servers while playing the game. And websites are at best 99.9% of the time accessible. That is why PUBG Mobile Lags during gameplay. In addition, bugs may also cause lagging in the game. But we have good news. You can fix the lagging issue in PUBG Mobile with our helpful tricks.

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Fixing the Lagging issue in PUBG Mobile

Now that we know why the game lags, let’s see how you can fix them. The methods mentioned below may not be 100% effective but they do positively help improve the ping rate and overall experience. Here’s how you can fix this lagging issue.

Select the graphics based on your phone’s specification

When you run PUBG Mobile app for the first time, the graphics is set to automatically adjust according to your phone’s hardware. It is best to keep the settings as is to reduce the lagging issue in PUBG Mobile. Besides this, other factors may also influence the lagging problem such as you phone’s memory is running low. In this case, it is advisable to free up your phone’s memory by uninstalling unnecessary apps and deleting unimportant files. If the problem still persist, try reducing the FPS also know as frame per second. This frame rate directly affects the smoothness of the gameplay. Higher FPS requires more resource of your Phone’s hardware and this causes lagging.

Select the server closes to you

The whole point of having multiple servers is to better serve you with speed and optimization. Some players might think that Servers are distributed based on skill level. That is wrong. The only possible reason players from other region are less skilled is because the competition there is lower. That being said, if you are playing from India, the best is to select Asia server which will give you the lowest ping rate. Lower ping rate means better serving of the game and hence less issue with lags. So that is another fix for it.

Update to the latest version of PUBG Mobile always

PUBG Mobile comes with updates regularly. The whole purpose of update is to introduce new features, fix any existing bugs which may have caused the lagging issue. The game itself checks for updates whenever you start. It will automatically update when the same is released. Besides, there are also external updates which are released from time to time. We hope that these fixes works for you as it does for many players. Do let us know your suggestions in comments.

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