How To Fix Audio Chat Issues in PUBG Mobile

Audio Chat Issues in PUBG Mobile

call of duty mobile voice chat not working

Are you tire of the audio chat issues in PUBG Mobile? Fret not, here’s a tip for you. So you’ve recently been hooked to the hot, addictive and popular game PUBG Mobile? It’s quite understandable and we all love to play the game. One of the best feature being the in game voice chat whereby you can communicate with your teammates and those in the same game. But sometimes you may face audio chat issues in PUBG Mobile.

Why is my Audio chat not working anymore?

How To Fix Audio Chat Issues in PUBG Mobile 3

Well, it worked perfectly awhile ago but what just happened now? Some players face audio chat issues in PUBG Mobile. This usually happens when you get calls while playing. You phone’s mic are used by both the phone call and also the game’s inbuilt audio chat feature and there occurs a clash between the two. So there’s some problem switching back to the in game audio chat. It’s a little annoying when this occurs but you can use the quick chat and also templates saved. We also understand that’s not complete.

How to Fix Audio Chat Issues in PUBG Mobile?

Unfortunately you will have to wait out until the current game is finished. However, you can try this: toggle your mic and the speaker on/off and it might come back to live. If it doesn’t, you will have to just wait. Once the game is finished, you will likely find that the audio starts working again. In case it still doesn’t, here’s what you should do.

Exit your team from the lobby area, and re-enter your squad/team. It works 100% this way. Now, to avoid further disturbance while you are deep into your game and taking the best shot, acquiring the target (You don’t want any call or message notification pop up on your screen at this time), you may switch your phone to Do Not Disturb mode before starting the game.

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Moving forward to Entertainment + Social Networking

PUBG Mobile has become so addictive that parents and school authorities are concerned about their kids spending excessive hours on this game. It is no doubt one of the best ever game you can play on your smartphone today.

It serves basically as a combination of both social networking and entertainment. A strategy game in which your reaction’s speed and accuracy is of utmost importance, it indeed keeps you active all the time. It is advisable to keep a limit on the time spent because the activity it keeps on your mind is way more than just watching a movie or video. We believe that one of the main popularity of PUBG Mobile lies in it’s audio chat feature among players. This has many advantages such as meeting and getting to know with more people through the game. In fact, it is reported that there are some couples whose romance started all because of PUBG Mobile.

So enjoy the game and play a fair game. Use it as a tool to entertain yourself and socializing at the same time. All the best and may the odds be ever in your favour to win that precious chicken dinner every time you enter the warzone.

call of duty mobile voice chat not working

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  1. There is another one too. Recently I discovered this one:

    When your or any of your friend voice chat goes off. You just need to restart the application without quitting the game. I think now it should start working. If still it doesn’t work, tell your other partners to restart their game once. I am damn sure now it will start working.

    200% working. Do let me know, it worked for you or not.

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