How Many Free UC Credits Can I Get in PUBG Mobile?

PUBG Mobile UC Credits

One of the main features of PUBG Mobile that makes it even better is the availability of various skins for Guns, Vehicles and Costumes along with Dance Moves. However, all these things are not free in PUBG Mobile and you need UC Credits to purchase these cool items in-game. And we already learnt how to get free UC Credits in PUBG Mobile in our previous post. In this article, we will tell you how many Free UC Credits can you get in a PUBG Mobile Season.

The current ongoing season is PUBG Mobile Season 6 and PUBG is celebrating its one year anniversary. You can get anniversary crates in the game and also the chance to celebrate anniversary/birthday with cake while playing the game. And whenever you celebrate with those cakes, you will find a supply item (flare gun, level 3 helmet, armour etc.). More than 5.4 million players have already upgraded their Royale Pass to Elite. Check out the numbers below.

Number of Elite Royale Pass Holders

Can I get unlimited Free UC Credits in PUBG Mobile?

So whenever you upgrade to Elite Royale Pass, you will find many additional rewards as you complete your RP missions. Coming to our point, as to how many free UC Credits can you get. You can get a total of 600 Free UC Credits in a PUBG Mobile Season. The free UC credits are available in lot of 30 each, at certain RP levels. It is to be noted that there are 100 RP levels and you will not get these free UC Credits at every level. You can save up all the free UC Credits earned and use them to upgrade to Elite Royale Pass in the next season – PUBG Mobile Season 7.

Free UC Credits in PUBG Mobile

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In addition to these UC credits, you will also earn many other valuables such as new dance moves, special rare find crates which when opened may get you rare costumes. Although the game itself is already interesting and addictive, these cool items makes it even more playable and enjoyable.

How do Other Players get RP 100 level so Soon?

For a hardcore gamer, these are the little concerns we all have. You will find that certain players get to RP 100 level within 2 days of the start of the season. Here’s the trick to how to do that. Actually we’ll talk about three ways you can get to RP 100 very fast.

First Option

Play many rounds of game and keep winning. However, focus should be on the RP missions mostly. Go to RP section and see what are the available missions. Always collect the daily RP rewards and make sure that you complete at least one RP mission in a game. This is the most classic way to get your RP up fast. It is however, not possible to complete an RP mission all the time. In such situations, here is our second option.

Second Option

Play in the server(s) where competition is not as tough as where you usually play. In general, Asia and KRJP servers have many good players and it is difficult to win and complete RP missions in these servers compared to other servers. PUBG servers such as Europe, North America and South America have lesser skilled players and it is usually easier to get Chicken dinner as well as complete RP missions in these servers. But on the downside, these servers will have higher ping rate which will affect your smooth gameplay to a certain extent. If you don’t mind that, go in Solo, Duo or even Squad in these servers and complete your RP missions to climb the rank higher.

Third Option

This one is easy and usually used by less skilled players to cover up their chicken-less matches. Nah…! Just kidding. Even great players use this trick. Buy them! Yes, you can purchase RP ranks. 1 RP will cost 99 UC though. So you will spend a whole lot of money if you intend to purchase RP ranks from 0 to 100. That’s not advisable either.

Final Words of Advice

Basically, one should enjoy the game while playing and not only focus on RP missions or loot. Yeah we all have that one teammate who keep saying that he has nothing even in the final zone! That apart, you can always combine the above three options to climb your RP rank progressively higher with each game you play. The free UC Credits you have earn can also be used once in a while and they will definitely help- they always do.

Instead of boring you with any further information, tips or tricks, we have made our point so go apply and win that Chicken Dinner!

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