get free uc in pubg mobile

get free uc in pubg mobile 6

To get  free UC in PUBG mobile there’s no specific thing that you could do to follow and getting you a free UC because PUBG doesn’t go around handing players free UC as some players make it sound like, the only sure thing you can do and may provide you with free UC that you could is to level up in the game, the more wins and more kills the more UC will added to your account. Being one of the last 30 or 20 players is great but if you haven’t killed and been hiding you will not be rewarded with UC so make ssure to set your playing strategy straight if you have ever wanted some coins.


You could also search for a survey to take or giveaways and challenges that are available online which will get you some free UC in PUBG, you could take ten minutes of your time and be paid with PUBG currency.

Be careful from websites because even if they provided with an amount of free UC in PUBG you’ll be violating some of the policy rules they will have and will get you banned.

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