free uc pubg mobile 2019

free uc pubg mobile 2019 6

In any game there’s a currency that players use to buy different clothes and items like accessories and guns for their characters to make them unique and be creative in their own designs, in PUBG the currency is called UC and it’s not real money it just an alternative to the real money in the game, you could spend your own money to get passed and ultimate battle at the game and in this answer we will be discussing whether you could get free uc pubg mobile or not.


However, there’s no efficient way to get a free UC in PUBG mobile. You could get some for free but you have to pay something for it not money, you could take some bonus challenges and that will give you free UC or sometimes in PUBG websites there will be some surveys you could take and they’ll reward you with free UC to your account.

Otherwise, you could go for the illegal way which is to find a cheat codes on some of the gaming websites but it’s too risky to do because you’ll be violating the game rules and could give you up to years of ban from the account, soonly try the legal way.

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