Download PUBG Mobile APK Free for Android Smartphone

Download PUBG Mobile APK Free for Android Smartphone 3

PUBG is indeed a very interesting multiplayer online game with huge fanbase and following. We will learn how to download PUBG Mobile apk in today’s article.

Did you know that there are over 5 million active PUBG Mobile players in India alone? The game is by no means losing its popularity judging from the current scenario. PUBG Mobile is free to download and free to play. But there are many in game purchases also called upgrades for which you will need to spend real money. So if you are looking to play the game, you will need to download the PUBG Mobile APK first and install it on you phone. We will give you the link to download PUBG Mobile APK Free for your Android Smartphone in this post. Here’s how to get going.

Download PUBG Mobile APK Free

How to Download PUBG Mobile APK for Free?

We already mentioned in our introductory section above that PUBG Mobile is a free Game that anyone can easily download from Google playstore or Apple appstore. But owing to it’s big size, downloading over Mobile data may take time. You will have to make sure that you have sufficient Mobile data before you begin the download process. So there is an alternative to directly download PUBG Mobile APK free from your Computer and transfer the file to your Smartphone at ease. You can also download from your Smartphone but if you are downloading from your Smartphone, it’s better to download and install directly from playstore or appstore. Here’s how you can download the APK file using your computer to save your mobile data.

The direct download link for PUBG Mobile APK is given below.

Download PUBG Mobile APK Free
Download PUBG Moile apk Free

What to know while downloading PUBG Mobile APK

In the recent developments of several accounts being banned by PUBG Team, it is advisable and best that you download the PUBG Mobile app from the official link i.e, Google Playstore or Apple’s Appstore. The reason being that any files that you download from third party website are not verified and there are chances that you may be downloading malware infected apk files. So keep in mind the risk while you get excited to download PUBG Mobile APK free. Ok, that’s a spoiler. So now that you have downloaded the apk file (finally!) after tiresome wait, here’s the next step you should follow.

What to Do After Downloading the APK File?

Once you have downloaded the apk file (approximately about 41MB in size), transfer it to your smartphone and begin installing. Since you are installing an app outside playstore and from a third party, you will need to change the security settings for successful installation. Please note that you will need some additional files which can be downloaded once you open the application/game. You will not be able to play the game until you download and install these additional files. Here are some screenshots to help you proceed. Click on the downloaded APK file.

PUBG Mobile APK installation Process

Once the installation process is completed, run the app. At this stage, you will be required to download additional files which will be of much larger size. This file is called the OBB file and is required to play the game. You can not play PUBG Mobile without having this file. The good part about downloading from Playstore or Appstore is that the download size is big but comes with the complete package. Once you start the game, only small update of few MB size will be required. Once the apk install and OBB file updates are complete, you are good to go. Run the game and start playing by logging into your account or creating a new one.

How is PUBG Mobile for a Game?

PUBG Mobile is a popular Battle Royale Online Multiplayer Game which is very addictive. There are in game controls or settings that you can customize to your suiting. The Mobile version has simpler and lesser number of controls and settings compared to the PC version. Some people use the claw setting for faster and more accurate firing, while others use both thumbs to control. It’s really upto you to change the settings and see what works best for you. Although it’s recommended for 17+ years of ages, people from almost every age group are hooked into the game. The addiction is so prevalent that it’s said to have been banned in certain cities of India. Nepal also banned the game for couple days but it’s lifted now.

In the light of the above news, we advise young gamers to take caution and play the game for entertainment only. So what are you waiting for? Download the game, play and get that chicken dinner already!

Is there iOS version of PUBG Mobile installer?

The standalone version for iOS devices is not currently available from any third party source. So if you are an iPhone or iPad user, your only option is to install from the Appstore. The size of PUBG Mobile download from Apple appstore is more than 2.7GB as of the latest 0.12 version update. So in order to download and install PUBG Mobile on your iPhone or iPad, you will need to connect to WiFi. This is simply because in order to download and install any app over cellular data, the limit is set to 150MB. This security has been provided by the device manufacturer to prevent excessive charges users may incur upon downloading large files over their mobile data.

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      Yes you may need wifi for faster downloading. However it is also possible to download with mobile data if you have good 4G connection with atleast 2-3GB quota.

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