Download Garena Free Fire Game for Android and iOS

Download Garena Free Fire Game

Garena Free Fire is a Battle Royale Game and an alternative to PUBG Mobile. The ultimate survival game is available for both Android and iOS platforms for free download. Here’s how to download Garena Free Fire Game for your device. Each game lasts for 10 minutes where you are battling for survival in an island against 49 other players. It’s pretty much like PUBG Mobile where there are 100 players in total as against 50 in Garena Free Fire. Garena International Pvt Ltd has offered the game for free download on both platforms with in-app purchases such as upgrades. It is gaining popularity amongst mobile gamers and we would like to guide you through on how to download Garena Free Fire Game in this article.

Link to Download Garena Free Fire Game for Free

Garena Free Fire Game is free to download and play. Download Garena Free Fire Game for Android at playstore. Click the link below to download.

Download Garena Free Fire Game

For iPhone and iOS device users, you can download Garena Free Fire Game in the link below from Apple Appstore.

Download Garena Free Fire Game

Download size of garena free fire

Garena Free Fire has different file size both on Android and iOS platforms. The Android version download size from playstore is just 64MB for the latest version of the game, Version 1.30.0. On the other hand, the download size from iOS appstore is 955.9MB, more than 12 times the size on Android devices. See the comparision chart below.

Android Version Stats
Garena Free Fire for Android
Garena Free Fire for iOS
Garena Free Fire for iOS

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How to Play Garena Free Fire Game?

Once you have downloaded the game from playstore or appstore, it will automatically install on your smartphone and you can start the game. Here is how you can play the game.

Keep in mind that the game is about survival. You have to try your best to be the last survivor amongst the 50 players, including you. You are free to choose your landing sport from parachute. Begin by collecting weapons, drive vehicles to move from one place to another. Go prone amongst grasses and hide in the trenches. You must kill the enemies before they kill you. The war zone will keep shrinking. Watch out for it and plan your move accordingly – keeping in mind to stay within the safe zone and eliminating any threats on your way.


Squad up for an even more interesting gameplay

You can squad up with your friends to make a four member team in Garena Free Fire Game. Plan your strategies with your teammates, communicate with each other and lead your team to victory.


Garena Free Fire is a very much popular game right now. With installs of over 100 million in Android devices and 5-star reviews of over 17 millions, you can’t ignore it’s popularity. The game also has more than 19.5k reviews at Appstore. So the next time you think PUBG Mobile is too heavy an install, you can always try out the Garena Free Fire Game. You can enjoy more or less game style with great graphics and controls too.

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