cod mobile voice chat not working

cod mobile voice chat not working 9

cod mobile voice chat not working

Call of Duty Mobile, another battle royal, this game made a lot of noise the past months, and everybody is already fan of it, in just one or 2 weeks, it reached millions of downloads for both android and IOS systems.

Like PUBG Mobile, Call of duty Mobile was also developed by the giant Chinese gaming company “Tencent”.

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After one week, the game had surpassed 10 million downloads and generated over US$17.7 million in revenue, making it the largest mobile game launch in history, It was originally announced in March of 2019, yes now there is a new concurrent to PUBG Mobile, the PUBG Mobile team released recently the new and it is the best update of the game so far with many new features and cool things, like adding a new vehicle and adding the ledge grab feature.

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Problems in COD Mobile

Despite the big success and numbers made by this game, a lot of players are complaining about many glitches in the game, well that’s normal for a new game, because all the games in the beginning they are usually full of bugs and glitches, even after the release of beta version and releasing the main one, and then gamers will report the al the bugs and errors and the developing team will soon respond by releasing a number of updates each time to ensure the players have a good experience while playing their game.

Cod mobile voice chat bug

This previous month, I see everybody in the gaming industry complaining from one specific problem, many people came to me asking, I saw the comments of other people on gaming groups and websites, and this issue is the voice chat in COD Mobile, and the error differs from player to player, some does not even see the MIC icon In their screen while playing, and in this article I will be showing you how to fix this bug and continue enjoying your new royale battle game, so with that being said let’s dive in our topic.

Solving the PROBLEM

FIRST, when you are in the lobby it doesn’t work, and I couldn’t find a single player that told me yes it works in the lobby for me, so it is a bug from the developing team and there is nothing we can do about it except waiting for the release of a new update by the developing team, and it think they’ll fix it very soon.

so where you are in the lobby you can just talk in the team chat, and you can also send voice messages there.

When you actually go into the game and start playing there are two cases:

There are some players that can see the microphone in the screen but it is not working, and there are some that cannot even see the mic on their screen.

If you can’t see the mic on your screen, follow these steps:

-Open CALL OF DUTY Mobile and start a game.

-Click on the settings

-Now click on the right part of the window (Advanced mode)

cod mobile voice chat not working 10


-click on the button (Custom Layout).

-this window will appear to you.

cod mobile voice chat not working 11


-Now click on the mic icon because it is the one we need to edit.

cod mobile voice chat not working 12

-Now you see these two options “SCALE” and “CAPACITY”:

You must make them both 100%.

However, if you can see the mic on your screen but it’s not working…What you are going to need to do is:

Enter into the game and start playing

Got to the settings icon on your screen.

cod mobile voice chat not working 13

After you click on the settings icon, the settings screen will show up and in the top you can find many options.

Click on audio and graphics.


cod mobile voice chat not working 14

In the top left you will find two options: audio & graphics.

Click on audio: this window will appear


cod mobile voice chat not working 15


Now you have to make sure that all this options are enabled and not blocked and they are set to 100% as shown in the picture.


However, if cannot even see the mic icon on your screen then it’s a display problem and I have the solution for that too.


Now normally, when you come back to the game, the problem will be resolved and you can enjoy killing others.

If the previous two solutions did not work for you, there is only one thing left to do, and it is to delete the game and reinstall it from google play.

If you did reinstall it and things are still not working and you got the same problem.

Gaming voice Chat Apps suitable for COD

Don’t give up hope you can still talk to other friends by using other applications until the COD Mobile team release the new  update with fixed bugs.

for example there is an app named Discord you can add your friends and create your own server and talk to each other during the game.


Discord is a free app that runs on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, and as a web app (not as feature-rich as the desktop versions as far as voice configuration). If you’ve ever used Slack or IRC, then you’ll feel right at home on Discord. In addition to voice chat, Discord supports text chat and video chat (for up to 10 people).

Anyone can create a “Discord server” for free. Users can join as many servers as they want, and each server is essentially its own independent community. Servers can have text channels and voice channels, and the server owner can tweak pretty much everything about it. Discord hosts the servers itself, and here’s how you can find the best Discord servers to match your interests.


Mumble specializes in low-latency communication, which makes it great for high-octane games with lots of fast action, especially ones that involve teamplay. It can also do positional audio based where you are in the game world


TeamSpeak has an easy-to-use interface with high-quality audio, though with slightly more latency than Mumble. However, the difference is negligible in most cases.

TeamSpeak also has a flexible and powerful permissions system that allows different users to have control over different areas of the server based on their “power level.” The permissions also divide into groups, so you can grant control over a channel to one user and grant control over the server to another. This makes community management much easier.

There is another good application for gaming voice chat also it is


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