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Best Smartphones for PUBG Mobile

Best Smartphones for PUBG Mobile [May 2019]

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Best Gun Combinations in PUBG Mobile

Best Gun Combinations in PUBG Mobile 2019

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PUBG Mobile Recruitment: Find New Teammates

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Coins in PUBG Mobile

What are the Best uses of Coins in PUBG Mobile?

We're going to tell you what are the uses of coins in PUBG Mobile today. PUBG Mobile features various in game purchases such as... Read more »
Fix lagging issue in PUBG Mobile

How to Fix Lagging Issue in PUBG Mobile

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pubg mobile tips and tricks

PUBG Mobile Tips and Tricks for 2019

It’s 2019, and the players are getting smarter. That’s why you have to stay on top of your game. We’ve listed just a few... Read more »
PUBG Mobile Internet Issue Fixed

Server Timeout Reconnect Issue Fix for PUBG Mobile

If you are a regular PUBG Mobile player like many others, you must have face many a times this issue. It keeps saying Server... Read more »
PUBG Mobile UC Credits

How Many Free UC Credits Can I Get in PUBG Mobile?

One of the main features of PUBG Mobile that makes it even better is the availability of various skins for Guns, Vehicles and Costumes... Read more »
PUBG Mobile Vikendi Snow Map

PUBG Mobile Update with Snow Map Vikendi on 18th December

Once again good news to all PUBG Mobile Players out there. Latest PUBG Mobile update with the much talked about Snow map Vikendi is... Read more »