How to unlink the Facebook account from PUBG Mobile’s account?

This is done through simple steps, the player has to log into his Facebook account and open the settings. Then he has to go... Read more »

Is PUBG Mobile addictive?

PUBG Mobile is by far one of the most successful mobile games ever created. The game got so popular that researches regarding its effects... Read more »

Is there a setting to auto-reload guns in PUBG Mobile?

Unfortunately, there is no way to automatically reload guns in PUBG mobile except for the usual scenario where mag is empty and you try... Read more »

What is the location of the Mylta Power in PUBG Mobile?

ThePUBG mobile Mylta power is located on the map of Erangel, which is a power plant with a small city in its perimeter. It... Read more »

How are Weapons XP earned in PUBG Mobile?

The PUBG mobile weapons XP are obtained mainly through the missions, each mission grants the player more XP and by large numbers. You can... Read more »

What is the Zombie Infection mode in PUBG Mobile?

The zombie mode in PUBG Mobile divides the player into two teams, the defenders and the zombies’ team. The zombies are able to deal... Read more »

What does OP and Newbie means in PUBG mobile?

These terms are not something exclusive to PUBG Mobile but rather a common phrase in the gaming world. The OP is short for Overpowered,... Read more »

Which the best game amongst PUBG Mobile, Garena Free Fire?

Although these mobile games use the same concept of a battle royale, they differ from each other in some aspects. In terms of graphics,... Read more »

What amount of data does the PUBG Mobile Game consume over the average match?

The game and despite its quality and size consumes less than 70MB for a full 40 minutes match.  Which is pretty admirable. Of course,... Read more »

Can the player get banned for using mods in PUBG Mobile?

The answer is yes. Any detection of using third-party applications can get the player banned in PUBG mobile. This includes the use of mods... Read more »