CALL OF DUTY Mobile voice chat not working

CALL OF DUTY Mobile voice chat not working 25

CALL OF DUTY Mobile voice chat not working

CALL OF DUTY … Another huge Mobile game developed by “TENCENT”; the same gaming company that released PUBG Mobile, and as expected, due to the success and fame of CALL OF DUTY in other platforms have, t he game received over 35 million downloads within three days of its release, earning over US$2 million in revenue.

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After one week, the game had surpassed 10 million downloads and generated over US$17.7 million in revenue, making it the largest mobile game launch in history, , It was originally announced in March of 2019, yes now there is a new concurrent to PUBG Mobile, the PUBG Mobile team released recently  the new 0.15.0  update and it is the best update of the game so far with many new features and cool things.




Like any new game or application, in the first releases, there will be a lot of bugs and glitches, and then the developers continually release new updates to try and solve those problems and ensure a great experience to all the gamers of the game.


CALL OF DUTY Mobile voice chat GLITCH


Personally, while playing CALL OD DUTY Mobile, I didn’t face any problem or glitch and it is all working fine and I am getting those kills easily, however I see that many friends are having a trouble with the voice chat mic, Also I saw many people complaining about this same problem online.

In online gaming, the voice chat is necessary because the fun of the game is while you are talking with your friends and trying to make plans to get those kills and the game won’t be that fun without voice chat, so I will be explaining to you this voice chat problem and how to fix it and enjoy your game.



FIRST, when you are in the lobby it doesn’t work, and I couldn’t find a single player that told me yes it works in the lobby for me, so it is a bug from the developing team and there is nothing we can do about it except waiting for the release of a new update by the developing team, and it think they’ll fix it very soon.

so where you are in the lobby you can just talk in the team chat, and you can also send voice messages there.

When you actually go into the game and start playing there are two cases:

There are some players that can see the microphone in the screen but it is not working, and there are some that cannot even see the mic on their screen.

So if you can see the mic on your screen but it’s not working…What you are going to need to do is:

Enter into the game and start playing

Got to the settings icon on your screen.


CALL OF DUTY Mobile voice chat not working 26




After you click on the settings icon, the settings screen will show up and in the top you can find many options.

Click on audio and graphics.


CALL OF DUTY Mobile voice chat not working 27


In the top left you will find two options: audio & graphics.

Click on audio: this window will appear


CALL OF DUTY Mobile voice chat not working 28


Now you have to make sure that all this options are enabled and not blocked and they are set to 100% as shown in the picture.


However, if cannot even see the mic icon on your screen then it’s a display problem and I have the solution for that too.

If you can’t see the mic on your screen, follow these steps:

-Open CALL OF DUTY Mobile and start a game.

-Click on the settings

-Now click on the right part of the window (Advanced mode)

CALL OF DUTY Mobile voice chat not working 29


-click on the button (Custom Layout).

-this window will appear to you.


CALL OF DUTY Mobile voice chat not working 30


-Now click on the mic icon because it is the one we need edit.

CALL OF DUTY Mobile voice chat not working 31

-Now you see these two options “SCALE” and “CAPACITY”:

You must make them both 100%.

Now normally, when you come back to the game, the problem will be resolved and you can enjoy killing others.

If the previous two solutions did not work for you, there is only one thing left to do, and it is to delete the game and reinstall it from google play.

If you did reinstall it and things are still not working and you got the same problem.

Don’t give up hope you can still talk to other friends by using other applications; for example there is an app named Discord you can add your friends and create your own server and talk to each other during the game, until the COD Mobile team release the new  update with fixed bugs.


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