Call of Duty Mobile – PUBG Mobile’s New Competitor

Call of Duty Mobile

The success of PUBG Mobile within one year of it’s launch has attracted huge interest amongst the gamers as well as developers alike. With that, PUBG Mobile is expected to soon have a new competitor in town. That’s none other than the upcoming Call of Duty Mobile or simply COD Mobile. COD Mobile by Activision will be released very soon and mobile Gamers can’t wait for it. However, it is likely to be head to head with the already popular PUBG Mobile and the new game will have to bring out a lot more if it is to take over the current market interest. Can COD Mobile keep up with PUBG Mobile? We shall see.

When is COD Mobile coming To playstore?

Right now, pre-registration is open for interested individuals. Register today to get a chance for an invite to try out the beta version and for an early access programme. You will get to try out the game before it is released to the general public. Here is the link to pre-register for COD Mobile at playstore. I have also already pre-registered for the release and early access of Call of Duty Mobile.

Call of Duty Mobile

There is no such pre-registration feature available for iOS users at the moment but the same is expected to be available soon at the Appstore. That by no means imply that Android users will get the game before iOS users.

Minimum Device Requirement for COD Mobile

PUBG Mobile has its specified minimum device requirement for both Android and iOS devices. COD Mobile will also have minimum device requirement to play the game. Since we already know the PC version of the game is graphic intense, the mobile version of call of duty will also be feature packed with great graphics. This will impose the requirement of a smartphone’s minimum specification. We believe that it will be playable on phones with the same specification as that of PUBG Mobile and not much upgrade will be required. However, the better the phone’s specification and performance, the better the gaming experience will be.

What’s new in the Call of Duty Mobile?

If you have already played Call of Duty on PC or Laptop, you must have a good idea about its gameplay and graphics. The significant upgrade came with Modern Warfare and Black Ops. With its competitor PUBG Mobile already highly optimized and graphic intense game with great features, COD Mobile will try their best to fight for the top spot. Activision has already stated that the game will be highly optimized for both low end and high end smartphones. It will also feature first person shooter mode with characters and weaponry from the popular Modern Warfare and Black Ops versions.

One can join or create clans and rank up with skill and experience. But will it really beat PUBG Mobile? Only time will tell. And if you ask me personally, I will say that PUBG Mobile has been around for awhile now. It will not be easy to replace the game, considering it’s current popularity.

Is Call of Duty Mobile all Hype?

Well, at this point of time, the hype is real. There is nothing solid until the launch of the game, but the hype is high. Things to consider will include – size of the application, the graphics and storyline, if any, that is. Additionally, any added features from the PUBG Mobile would be welcome. Variety in terms of maps, characters and weaponry will play vital role in gaining users.

The best and biggest thing to mention here is the Call of Duty Mobile will be Free to play! You just need an active internet connection and a decent smartphone to download, install and play COD Mobile.

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