Best Smartphones for PUBG Mobile [May 2019]

Best Smartphones for PUBG Mobile

Playing PUBG Mobile has become a way of life for many teens and youths nowadays. It’s the single most popular Mobile game at this point of time and everyone will know why PUBG Mobile is so popular – whether they play it or not. If you’re one of those hardcore PUBG Gamers, here’s our compilation of the Best Smartphones for PUBG Mobile – as on May 2019. We will also include how we come up with this list, what aspects we consider etc. Now, let’s see what’s in the list, shall we?

Which is Better – Android or iOS for PUBG Mobile Game?

Before we go into the list directly, let’s first look a little into the quick comparison between Android devices and iOS devices for PUBG Mobile. Many will agree that PUBG Mobile seems a little better optimized for iOS devices compared to Android devices. For example, if you were aware during season 5, there were blocks to climb the roofs in Camps Alpha, Bravo and Charlie in Sanhok which were visible only on iOS devices and not on Android devices. No one brought out publicly but the developers soon came to know about it and the same was fixed in the very next update. Apart from that, one reason why iOS version seems better optimized is that there are less number of device variations as compared to Android OS where a much larger number of manufacturers installed their own customized version of the OS. Of course, flagship phones of the two OS can not be compared as Apple smartphones does better in terms of performance in almost all cases.

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What are the Best Smartphones for PUBG Mobile?

PUBG Mobile player’s skills does not depend on the smartphone you use. However, a better smartphone will definitely help you play smoother, with better graphics depending on your phone’s graphics and other hardware specifications. A good battery life will help you play continuously and without any interruption in between every few games. So here is our list of best smartphones for PUBG Mobile.

Apple iPhone XR, XS and X – Best Smartphones for PUBG Mobile

No doubt Apple iPhone’s latest models lead in PUBG Mobile gaming. These devices powered by A12 bionic processor with 3GB RAM and quad core graphics. Amongst these, iPhone XR has the best battery back up so that can be taken into account.

Best Smartphones for PUBG Mobile

Samsung Galaxy S10+

This flagship smartphone from Samsung is a beast among the Android devices. Packed with the Exynos 9820 SoC and featuring Mali-G76 MP12, 8GB RAM and up to 512GB of internal storage. It comes with Quad HD+ 6.4-inch Dynamic AMOLED display, game tools and Dolby Atmos for gaming. So PUBG Mobile performs very well on the Galaxy S10+, offering an immersive gaming experience without any lags or frame drops.

Samsung Galaxy S10+ for PUBG Mobile

iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone 8

Powered by the A11 bionic processors with 3GB RAM, these tow models from Apple handles PUBG Mobile very well. You can play the game without any lag or frame drops even at HD settings and High FPS settings. I have been playing PUBG Mobile on my iPhone 8 Plus and I just love it.

iPhone 8 Plus for PUBG Mobile

Oneplus 6T and Oneplus 6

They are one of the best Android Smartphones with high end specifications. What other smartphone offers you 8GB RAM with the latest Snapdragon 845 Octacore Processor and AMOLED display? Other features include type-C fast charging and ample amount of storage. You can’t go wrong with these two. However, they are a little slower than iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. I personally experience that by playing side by side with an accomplice.

OnePlus 6T for PUBG Mobile

There are many other good smartphones out there to play PUBG Mobile comfortably without lag. Today we focus only on the top high-end and best Smartphones for PUBG Mobile.

What Aspects do we consider the Best in Smartphones

We give priority to its processing speed, RAM, Graphics, Display which is both quality as well as area. Battery life is one important aspect to look at too. But most important of all is how these combination works to give gamers the best experience in PUBG Mobile gaming. Having said that these are the best smartphones today, it does not mean that they will always perform well. Other factors that will affect is your internet connection. If you have an intermittent connection or a poor network coverage, the best Smartphones will not save you. So keep in mind that.

Final thoughts and Wishes

This list of Best Smartphones for PUBG Mobile do not guarantee you a chicken dinner as much as we wish they do. So do no go out to buy one of them thinking they will make you all pro overnight. Skill comes in with practice. Some people get good fast while others take time. There’s no point of having the best smartphone with poor skill. But a pro player with one of the best phones will have the highest chance to win the game. That’s some common sense. We hope you like them and wish you the best in climbing up your rank and winning chicken dinners.

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