Best Gun Combinations in PUBG Mobile 2019

Best Gun Combinations in PUBG Mobile

Player Unknown’s Battleground has over 100 million downloads on Google Playstore. It’s one of the top grossing game in 2018 and we will not be surprised if it the same in 2019 as well. With the millions of active players all over the world, many are looking for PUBG Mobile Tips and Tricks. Others are looking for the best gun combinations in PUBG Mobile. Yet there are enough players looking up online on how to get free UC on PUBG Mobile. We have posted articles covering the above searches. We also cautioned our readers on how to not get their PUBG Mobile account banned for violating their policies. Today, we will see the best gun combinations in PUBG Mobile in 2019.

What are the guns available in PUBG Mobile?

In PUBG Mobile, a player can take with him 2 guns at a time, a pistol and melee weapon is extra. So that’s why we say “combination of guns” and not simply the best gun. Before we get to our point, let’s first take a look at what all guns are available in PUBG Mobile Game.

Snipers and Designated Marksman Rifles (DMRs)

In this category, we have the following guns listed in order of their highest damage dealt with.

  1. AWM : Uses the .300 magnum bullets, this most lethal and highest damage dealing sniper in PUBG Mobile is found only in Air Drops and with only 20 bullets. The shots are powerful and the bullets limited, so you got to make it count.
  2. M24 : This sniper comes next to AWM in terms of damage dealt. It’s available in the normal loots and uses 7.62mm bullets.
  3. Kar98K : This bolt action rifle is the favourite of many pro PUBG players. It is found in normal loots and uses 7.62mm rounds as well.
  4. MK-14 : This one comes only in Air Drops and uses 7.62mm rounds.
  5. Mk47 Mutant : With the 7.62mm rounds, this one I personally feel more like a star war gun. But not bad.
  6. QBU : This one is pretty good choice for a secondary gun with its 5.56mm rounds which are easily available to collect.
DP-28 Reload in PUBG Mobile

Machine and Sub Machine Guns (SMGs)

In this category, these guns are available and I would prefer to use them in the order.

  1. M246 : This machine gun with 5.56mm bullets and 100 bullet rounds is available only in Air Drops. Use a 2x scope and you can take down the whole squad easily.
  2. DP-28 : The DP-28 uses 7.62mm bullets and its magazine holds 47 bullets, which is more than any Assault Rifles (ARs). The damage dealt is great, and best used while prone. But the downside is that it takes forever to reload. Let’s continue with SMGs below.
  3. UMP9 : With the 9mm rounds, this SMG is the first choice of many as it’s reliable for short to medium range encounters. Lots of attachment possible too.
  4. Thompson : This one uses .45ACP and is pretty dangerous in a close encounter. Combine with extended magazine, it’s hard to defeat.
  5. UZI : It’s small size is nothing to look down upon. This 9mm SMG has the highest firing rate and you will not be able to count how many bullets got into your body by the time you got knocked out.

Assault Rifles (ARs)

Okay, you’re not going to win a PUBG Mobile Chicken Dinner without an assault rifle. It’s just not possible. You will find these ARs sooner or later but they will almost always be your main weapon.

Assault Rifles (AR) PUBG Mobile
  1. M416 : Who prefers any other AR to M416? This is the weapon for every player- noob and pro alike. 5.56mm rounds are sprayed by this awesome gun (yeah the design looks great too!) when on auto. It has single fire mode as well.
  2. Groza : 7.62mm rounds and higher firing rate than AKM, this is a beast for short range encounters. Only found in Air Drops.
  3. AUG : This Australian weaponry does wonders with its 5.56mm rounds. However, only Air Drop has this one.
  4. AKM & M762: One of the best and most reliable real life gun with its 7.62mm rounds does not disappoint us. High damage, but very high recoil and compensator does not seem to help much. It’s effectively used by the pro players. The two are more or less the same.
  5. G36C : Have you ever used this gun? If not, then maybe you should play Vikendi Snow Map next time. 5.56mm bullets with dependable performance. I call this the magnified version of UMP9.
  6. M16A4 : This one looks okay. But the burst mode can be used effectively with practice. We advice you to not use M16A4 after constantly using any of the above ARs. It’s perfect with a suppressor and 4x scope for single mode shooting.

Now, coming to our main topic, is what is the best gun combination in PUBG Mobile for 2019?

2019’s Best Gun Combinations in PUBG Mobile

More than 99% players would agree that the best combination is an AR with a Sniper/DMR. With that said, let’s see some of the best combination we can have, in our order of preference.

  1. M416 and AWM : M416 with extended quickdraw, tactical stock, a flash hider and 4x scope. AWM with suppressor, extended magazine and cheek pad along with 8x scope. Other great combination with M416 will be the above Snipers/DMRs in that order.
  2. Groza/AUG/AKM/M762 with AWM or M24 or Kar98K. This works perfect too.
  3. M246 with AWM or M24 or Kar98K.
  4. UMP9 and any of the DMRs in the order as above.
  5. Any AR and any DMR works a good combination as well.
  6. AN AR and AR combination is also used effectively by pro players.

Final thoughts and wrap up

So these are some of the best guns and best gun combinations in PUBG Mobile. With these combinations, it’s much easier to thrive towards that chicken dinner in the end. One must note that it all comes down to the player’s skill and confort in using any particular gun or weaponry. Because the guns will not do the magic, the player that is you, have to. We hope you like our idea and if you would like to add more, kindly do so at the comments section below.

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