PUBG Mobile UC Credits

How Many Free UC Credits Can I Get in PUBG Mobile?

One of the main features of PUBG Mobile that makes it even better is the availability of various skins for Guns, Vehicles and Costumes along with Dance Moves. However, all these things... Read more »
Coins in PUBG Mobile

What are the Best uses of Coins in PUBG Mobile?

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PUBG Mobile India Bonus Challenge

Participate in PUBG Mobile India Bonus Challenge?

The PUBG Mobile India Bonus Challenge is a Solo, TPP mode game played in Erangle map. Player Unknown’s Battleground or PUBG’s popularity has become undeniable and the Batttle Royale Game has even... Read more »
Call of Duty Mobile

Call of Duty Mobile – PUBG Mobile’s New Competitor

The success of PUBG Mobile within one year of it’s launch has attracted huge interest amongst the gamers as well as developers alike. With that, PUBG Mobile is expected to soon have... Read more »