6 BEST Places To Loot in Sanhok PUBG & Useful Tricks

6 BEST Places To Loot in Sanhok PUBG & Useful Tricks 1


Welcome to Sanhok. This Pacific island inspired territory is crammed full of ruins, military complexes, and agricultural areas. It’s also the deathtrap of PUBG : at roughly 4km each way, it’s around a quarter of the size of Miramar(another PUBG map). So in this guide, we will teach you where to land for a better loot and, we’ll be giving you some hints and tips to get started, and not get annihilated as soon as your boots touch the ground, some tricks especially for SANHOK and other for all PUBG maps .

WHERE to loot in the map SANHOK PUBG

6 BEST Places To Loot in Sanhok PUBG & Useful Tricks 2

6 BEST Places To Loot in Sanhok PUBG & Useful Tricks 3


  • : located on the south-western island, this area has multiple floors full of items, but is also really popular in the early game. Expect stiff competition early on.


  • :  has a ridiculous amount of weapons in the centre of the main building, which naturally attracts other players like gun-crazed moths.

Pai Nan :

  • This central location can be hotly contested early on, but the geometry and loot potential makes it one of the most attractive areas. The raised structures enable players to hide underneath for some sneaky kills, provided they have picked up some of the many weapons lying around.


Paradise Resort and the three camps


6 BEST Places To Loot in Sanhok PUBG & Useful Tricks 4 6 BEST Places To Loot in Sanhok PUBG & Useful Tricks 5


  • these are also relatively popular for good reason as they’re full of loot to obtain. Not as popular as Ruins or Bootcamp, but Paradise Resort offers similar elevation, while the centre of Camp Charlie can have highly concentrated spawn of gear.

The Docks towards the south-eastern corner

6 BEST Places To Loot in Sanhok PUBG & Useful Tricks 6 6 BEST Places To Loot in Sanhok PUBG & Useful Tricks 7

  • it is a little less popular, but can reap some great loot, including the QBZ95 assault rifle that’s exclusive to this map; provided you can also escape with a degree of haste.

Mount Tyna

  • This unmarked location is in east of Camp Alpha You may not find a lot of loot here, but it won’t be widely contested either. Getting down from the mountain is actually straightforward, but it can be a good vantage point for later on if the circle ends up close to that location.





6 BEST Places To Loot in Sanhok PUBG & Useful Tricks 8


Here are a few useful tips to help you get up and running on the new Sanhok map.

  • One of the most useful things you can do on Sanhok is to prioritise slapping a silencer on your weapon of choice. As we’ve mentioned earlier on in the vehicle section of this guide, this is a much smaller map and you should be very careful about giving your position away.
  • It’s important that you stay on the move and do your best to be proactive. Hunkering down in a building doesn’t work quite as well on Sanhok compared to other maps, and that’s down to the terrain. Many buildings are surrounded by rolling hills so it’s very difficult to hold a location without being flanked.
  • As Sanhok is a much smaller map, be careful when you’re attempting to heal when under fire. It’s entirely possible that someone else is on your tail, so check your surroundings first before sipping an Energy Drink or using Bandages.
  • You’ll be fighting a lot so sneakier players may struggle to adapt. Take the opportunity to practice your peeking skills as it’ll come in very handy when duelling opponents between buildings or behind trees.
  • We’d prioritise Assault Rifles and Snipers on Sanhok – you can’t really get much better than this setup in our opinion, although again be cautious of the racket you’re making.
  • Your choice of starting zone is less important on Sanhok than on other maps in PUBG, simply because of its reduced size. Regardless of where you pick, you’re almost certain to encounter other players early on. Loot is also pretty evenly distributed as well, so our advice is to simply pick a spot with a handful of buildings outside the main named section.
  • Keep in mind as well that just because someone jumped out of the plane earlier than you did, that doesn’t mean they aren’t going to make a beeline for your own landing spot of choice. They may change their mind and glide over. In other words, never assume you’re going to land alone – even if you wait a while to leap out of the plane.






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