5 Ways to get banned in PUBG Mobile DO NOT do these

5 Ways to get banned in PUBG Mobile DO NOT do these 3


Hello guys and welcome back to another article about another topic in your favourite game made by “tencent   , PUBG Mobile, today we are going to talk about, getting banned, what may get you banned, and how to avoid getting banned, “Tencent” has a very weird privacy policy, and they aren’t as explicit with what can get you banned in PUBG Mobile and what can’t, So I am going to try and clear things up for you all by explaining 10 things you can’t do or else you’ll get your account banned, or even IP banned from PUBG Mobile which means that you won’t be able to use your device to play PUBG anymore, that looks serious ha ?!, yes you really need to avoid that, we will start with obvious reasons and we’ll dive in slowly to weirder ban reasons that you must avoid doing when playing PUBG,  so with that being said, let’s jump into this.

5 Ways to get banned in PUBG

To start things off, we should start with some of the more obvious things that can get people banned but still can surprise some of you PUBG players out there, you never know ! some beginning players might not know this.

1-Killing your  teammates in PUBG

5 Ways to get banned in PUBG Mobile DO NOT do these 4

Yes, Tencent is actually really strict with this, you can’t go around trolling people all the time because you will get way with only 5 strikes on average eventually depending on how many of the people you killed reports you’ll be banned, luckily if you still want to troll players, you can do that on training mode, yes it won’t be really fun on training mode, but getting banned is no fun either.

2-Using keyboard & mouse with PUBG Mobile

Using a mouse and a keyboard on your phone to play PUBG Mobile with a program like octopus, if you’re not familiar with octopus, it’s an app you can download on google play that will make you able to use keyboard & a mouse to control your character, Tencent go as far to ban people with these devices.

Another thing you can’t do in PUBG Mobile is the most obvious thing in this list

3-Teaming with other players

Me, I fully support Tencent on this, This game is a battle royale, a solo battle royale, that’s what makes it very exciting and fun, even when you find your friends in the game and you don’t shoot them, this will be counted as teaming and if someone reports you, you will be banned.

4-Using Glitches

5 Ways to get banned in PUBG Mobile DO NOT do these 5

There are many glitches in PUBG, I think it is completely fine to use glitches, because it is the developer’s responsibility, if the game is broken they should fix this, but as soon as you start to use these glitches to get cheap and easy wins, that’s where the problem lies, you can’t hide in the ground and shoot people through it using a glitch, that will be unfair play, I think that’s way to get banned that makes sense.

Something that you may have not realized it actually gets you banned but indeed it does is attacking people in the global chats or commenting false infos, if you repeatedly go on to the global chat and start spreading false rumors about the game, for example: “in the next update all the pros will be banned to make it easier for the beginners”, by doing that you are trying to ruin the experience of a large number of players and Tencent will say n to this, also if you start harassing players by calling them with bad names and saying racist stuff like that, this is one of the few ways, they’ll actually IP ban your device, so you’ll never comeback online again

Now we are going to talk about the weirdest and craziest way to get banned which is :

5-Cheats of Other games, NOT PUBG

Yes, you read it right, PUBG Mobile has the ability to scan other apps on your device, and this is mentioned in their “terms of service”, you’ll be surprised with how much access the have to you and it’s actually pretty scary, say you played a game before and you used to cheat on that game, and you still have those cheat programs in you downloads folder, Tencent will probably detects that, even if it has nothing to do with PUBG, you will get bans for it.

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