5 Things Pros ALWAYS Do in PUBG Mobile! Advanced  Tips

5 Things Pros ALWAYS Do in PUBG Mobile! Advanced  Tips 1


Hello there PUBG players, you all want to become pros on PUBG and you need some tricks and tips for that right ?! , we all (including me) want to be well-known among the PUBG community and in any match we jump into we have the easiest time getting a win, this article differ from the previous TRICKS and TIPS one, because the following tips are going to be advanced tricks done by pros only in PUBG, so let’s jump in straight into our topic

5 things pros do in PUBG

Right, so to start things off, the first thing pros always do in PUBG is keeping their cars

1- In PUBG you gotta Keep you car !

5 Things Pros ALWAYS Do in PUBG Mobile! Advanced  Tips 2

It is very simple, yet so many people don’t do this, the best way to survive in PUBG in  the very last circles of this game is to literally keep portable cover, think about it! What if one of the last circles is in the middle of an open field, what are you supposed to do then? You don’t snake because only noobs do that, you need to be a lot more mobile, because simply if you are laying on the ground and someone comes from behind, you are dead cause you got no cover, however if you bring your car to the final circles even if people blow it up, you’ll still have some sort of cover you can hide behind while others are shooting you, and if it’s not blown yet you can take it to wherever you think is the best spot in the circle, seriously if you can keep a UAZ or a Dacia into the final circles, you’ll be in such a much better position than anybody else.

But hey, you know another way you can get into a much better position than everyone else ?


2- Keep you crosshair focused

Even if you are hiding behind a cover, if you know where the person is put your crosshair as close to where you think they are and that way when you move up behind your cover you’ll be able to react a lot faster than the enemy, your chances of getting that kill are very high because you don’t take that extra half second to focus your crosshair on your opponent while he does!

3- SHOOT first LOOT later

5 Things Pros ALWAYS Do in PUBG Mobile! Advanced  Tips 3

Most players in this game have that mentality that they’re going to land, get all the loot they can and then finally be ready to fight, well here’s the thing, that’s not how it really works, PUBG is a battle royale game and there are kill hungry people out there and the second you land, you have to be ready for that, you can’t block all the enemies out for five minutes while you’re trying to find your best weapons  , no you need to get the first gun you find on your way, I don’t care if it is a small pistol, start immediately firing at other people, you’ve got to be a hungry wolf to, other people will be still landing, others do not even have a gun yet, those will be your easiest kills of the game and secure the area to loot perfectly.

4- Use the zone to get kills

Well, no person in PUBG is going to wait in the center of the zone okay? Pros will use that time when the circle is shrinking to kill the players that are running in to get into the safe zone because those players will be focusing more on getting  safe than the enemies around them, so it is really an easy way to kill off those blind players.

And last but certainly not least, the fifth big tip pros will follow many times actually is :

5- Always use the road

Even if it’s not the most direct route to where you want to go, if you are driving to get to the next circle, sometimes roads are the easiest options, because roads are clear ways to go to your destination, do be warned you’ll be easier to spot when you’re driving on the road, but then again if you are traveling so fast, you are harder to hit.





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