5 BEST places to loot in VEKENDI PUBG MOBILE

5 BEST places to loot in VEKENDI PUBG MOBILE 3


One glance at the map tells us that the PUBG MAP Vikendi has a huge number of locations that are far more evenly populated than the others, with many of the named locations similar in size, particularly when playing Solos, wherever you land there are likely to be at least one or two other people dropping with you searching for loot. Therefore it’s best to know ahead of time where the most action is likely to be, as well as some more interesting places to drop to get the best loot, I must give you guys a quick little tip yet very important, right when the game starts you just want to get a weapon, it doesn’t matter which kind of weapon, it can be a pistol or a shotgun, the first weapon you find in your way, why ? Because of the golden rule of PUBG : best loot = big risk, without further ado, I will start giving you the 5 best loot spots in VEKENDI.


5 BEST places to loot in VEKENDI PUBG MOBILE 4

5 BEST places to loot in VEKENDI PUBG MOBILE 5


is a massive complex that has a decent amount of loot, but it’s all very spread out. What makes this area a lot more interesting is the fact it has underground parts, safe from the threat of sniper rifles and other players driving around in vehicles. One particular part is on a cliff face, with a gantry leading up to it. It can provide some excellent cover, as well as the opportunity to escape if you are discovered. Look particularly in the dilapidated building to the south and the western structure for the highest concentration of stuff.

Dobro Mesto

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One of the more interesting places to wrap up a PUBG Mobile match, Dobro Mesto is Vikendi’s biggest hub. Located on the West Coast, this slightly crooked city burns bright on the loot heatmap.

Guns will come quick and easy here. Around 30-40 individual buildings make up its bustling landscape, meaning you should be safe to pick up just about anything you could ever imagine here without being rapidly caught out. You’ll hear footsteps aplenty, but the should statistically be a low chance of anyone finding your exact position unless you’re hanging out of a window or using each and every nearby door as target practice.

Three boats along its shore will allow for an entire squad to quickly make their way around the outer perimeter of the map. A multitude of vehicles will not only help teams get quickly flee the area if needed but can ensure driving another vehicle up close isn’t going to immediately alert an occupying squad of your presence. After all, who’s going to notice one more car in a sea of vehicles?


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is the other big party location where everyone wants to fire their guns around. This rather tightly laid out town is built upon a small mound, meaning that there’s a fair bit of verticality to consider. Goroka is large enough that you won’t need to explore it all to find decent weapons and gear, as well as a tonne of vantage points for coverage down towards the lake. The large hill nearby is also an excellent sniping spot for those lucky enough to get their hands on a sniper rifle and scope.




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5 BEST places to loot in VEKENDI PUBG MOBILE 11


Castle is by far the most popular destination in Vikendi, set to become to Vikendi what Hacienda is to Miramar (which you can find out more about in our  MIRAMAR-LOOT-GUIDE  guide). It is a fairly central and defensible location, surrounded by water on all sides. The walkway near the main tower is a great sniping spot, allowing for teams to gain some free intelligence, though the interior is also relatively open. Crouching between the walkways provides you with a lot of cover from other players, potentially giving you the advantage. There’s also a ton of good loot to be found here, so if you can manage to survive the masses also dropping here then you should be able to get equipped with some very decent gear.


5 BEST places to loot in VEKENDI PUBG MOBILE 12 5 BEST places to loot in VEKENDI PUBG MOBILE 13


This place is a hot-drop, a hot drop is a place that a lot of players tend to go there or pass by there, especially in the beginning of the game, it doesn’t mean it has the best loot, but it has basic loot, and if you are pro you can easily get other players loot because like I said, this place is very crowded, and you will have many kills already,  and once you get to the outskirts near of Dino Park, there are a lot of nice little compounds that you guys can loot up with a great loot as well.

That will be it for VEKENDI if you want LOOT GUIDE FOR OTHER MAPS visit :





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