how to unban pubg mobile account on pc

how to unban pubg mobile account on pc 3

There’s are two types of ban on PUBG mobile games, temporary and permanent and we are about to find out if you can unban pubg mobile account on pc.

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  1. If you were banned temporarily it will last for two to four days so just wait on it and it will be unbanned as simple as that.
  2. If it was permanently and you want to unbanned on your PC you need to first download an emulator on your PC it doesn’t matter what it is but makes sure it is from a well-known website so after downloading an android emulator you will be able to access the game from your PC and change the codes and scripts.

Do your search online first because if you are a beginner you may damage some programmed codes on your game and that will affect the game permanently you will not be able to fix it, so don’t work on your own in this search first and ask for programmer help or hacker they will help you understand the code language more and you will be able to unban your mobile account from there.

But it is illegal and it is safe to just contact the PUBG authorities and tell them exactly what happened to avoid any further complications.  


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