how to unban pubg account

how to unban pubg account 1

There’s are different kinds of unbanning, if you get an easy one like a couple of days or week just waiting for the PUBG team to unban you, meanwhile you could download a new game. But if you got a permanently ban the could go up to 100 years or so if super hard to unban your account if you haven’t cheated on the game or been toxic and abusive to other players you could send a details email with proven evidence to PUBG team that you did nothing and you were just playing the ban could be lifted off but if you have cheated just make a new account start there cause its impossible to get your account back but is you want to try your luck send a detailed email to PUBG team say how sincere you are and be apologetic as you can get and about how you will never do something like that again they may unban your account.

but as me being honest with you just make a new account and start brand new I know its frustrating but its kind of impossible mission to get your unban account back.

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