request time out in pubg

request time out in pubg 1

if you are a frequent pubg mobile player for sure you have faced request time out in pubg problem many times. We know it could be super frustrated especially if you are in the game sometimes it could cost you the delicious chicken dinner or you get killed but don’t worry here are some tips that may help you.

you need first to check your internet connection if you play using your phone data where getting phone calls will give you problems so use wifi connection it’s better and phone calls will not affect your online playing.

location also could affect your signal so relocate yourself in a place where you get the best signal possible if you playing at home it easy to find the spot but if you playing out in public just be near the wifi router that helps you get the best signal to play fast and get those kills.

also play to the server closest to where you from certain servers may have less players but that could affect the game and you’ll end up with no connection so find the closest server to you that will get you more smooth game to victory.

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