pubg request timed out problem

pubg request timed out problem 4

Request timeout problem occurs for the fact that internet connection is poor or limited, which can be considered as the main reason for the problem. Speedy and high ping network is a must to avoid a timeout problem since the game is built on internet connection. Pubg Mobile versions whether iOS or Android is able to face timeout problems. The interruption of the internet would defiantly prevent the server from its purpose. Internet connection and stability is highly requested, in order to change the DNS server on your phone, and fix the problem of the server time out. Using your mobile cellular network during playing the game, would affect your device weather Android and iOS. 

The first thing to do is making sure you have a decent internet connection. If the signal strength in your location is poor then you’ll more likely be facing more of this problem and it would be better to relocate. Also, data usage of your phone might take place on having the timeout troubleshoot if there is running updates and apps on the background. Turn them off would firstly save some battery and reduce the ability to have timeout. 

The main obstacle for the connection can be caused by the DNS server, which your ISP is using which has trouble connecting to the game, On the other hand, changing the DNS server would prevent the problem of “request timeout”. Moreover, DNS changing steps vary in a wide range between iOS and Android, since each device has its own software and building system.  Opera Free VPN considers as an alternative method rather than changing the DNS server. For example, 

Download the app > proceeding with the set up > connect button > open Pubg.

Wifi is the radical solution for the request timeout problem since it reduces the heavy-duty on the device consuming network. It can prove an excellent choice for internet break down, especially in the case of receiving calls on your phone. 

On the other hand, request timeout might not be from the internet connection, it could be with your location. But still, within simple steps, you can reduce the problem. First, you need to go to setting and logout from the game. Then you will be sent to the first page of the game, where you can find the icon of Fix. Press on the icon, choose Routine Fix and Restore Default Settings, to cancel the updates and remove what has been already saved.


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